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And... I'm about ready for the Solo Content (Thursday).

Rough when they let a Class get so bad (tourney level) for a long time like Warrior (and Priest before). Then they over compensate a while. (Like Priest with the 3 3,4 that gave health and the 5 5,6 dragon that discovered.) Now that Warrior has some silly good stuffin Standard. I so wish they would Hall of Fame Brawl ASAP. And Control Warrior have to play the way most other Classes do - with Area of Affect dmg OR spot removal. Not what Brawl is. Just played vs a Warrior. They got both Brawl in 1st 10 cards. I drew out both and my biggest minion survived. But they stalled me for long enough for Omega Devastators (or whatever named) to turn it for foe. Boo.
Cmon Thursday

(All alternate Hero cards other than Jaraxxas - though him too is fine by me- going to HoF also would be welcome )

I agree 100% about alternate heroes going the way of the dodo. Not all of them have been broken, but I don't think any of them are healthy for the game. Way too swingy.

I think the biggest issues I have with Control Warrior right now are Dr. Boom and Omega Devastator. Removing Dr. Boom hero card solves a lot of issues (too much armor gain, too much mech discovery when combined with Omega Assembly, everything having rush is waaaay too powerful). A lot of individual cards are still REALLY good without Dr. Boom, but not as oppressive.

Omega Devastator is just under-costed for what it does.

Even with those changes, I still think Control Warrior is very good, and still not super fun to play against, but when is control ever fun to play against? It's a valid archetype, shoudn't take that away, but would be nice to see a little variety in warrior decks.

I concur.
Including them using Warpath and AoE like it and not double brawl as auto include for any control warrior.

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new Solo now open - Dalaran Heist. Time for me (very rarely do I) turn the sound on and listen. Fun stuff

Very much enjoyed my first run through. 8/8 with Mage. First passive was - all your minions have Rush. Pretty good. Later one was adding 1 cost versions of minions I played to my deck. Strong stuff. And not a bad 3 packs free - got my 2nd Wrenchcaliber (one of better named cards for sure even if I'm not a big Bomb fan). Thanks Blizz - thumbs up from me. Will keep on playin' it.

Still on first wing of Adventure and enjoying it.
Glad to see these upcoming balance changes -


I'm enjoying the solo adventure as well. Lots of options makes it feel like there's a lot of depth, without feeling like I'm being constantly punished they way I felt during Rumble.

The rogue changes are not surprising at all, and I like their approach of lots of little changes as opposed to just nerfing one card into oblivion. I also like that it basically keeps the deck list intact for those that really like the playstyle that rogue offers (it is really fun to play!), but just slows it down a notch or too.

Would have loved to see something happen to Dr. Boom though...

Very true re both Boom (hero card and new bomb focused minion).

Login after June 3 and before July 1 for a free new ggolden neutral mecheck legendary.

And buffs to cards coming.



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