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Well if you're going pure Shaman then yeah, Al'akir or Thalnos. Probably Thalnos, Al'akir has his upsides and downsides, and Thalnos works in everything with a few damaging spells.

Cairne is probably the best all-rounder legendary though, followed by Ysera as a big stompy win condition, though both are a little slow. Black Knight and Harrison Jones have very powerful battlecries if you can get them to work, but they're practically worthless if you can't, and a lot of the time you can't.

Basically everything is better than Pagle. It's actually a pity you didn't get him right after his nerf, you could have DE'd him for the full golden 3200 dust.

The US Hearthstone blog posted the information on pricing for the upcoming Curse of Naxxramus dungeon event.

I can't seem to find anything about the release date, though.

Nothing confirmed, but random forumites have confidently stated they're aiming for the end of this month. Which makes sense, since it's a five week event and I imagine they want most of it to be held during summer vacation.

It's not super competitive compared to most other legendaries but it's your first legendary, so might as well try it

Alternatively you can disenchant it for an epic or a bunch of rares.

I'd keep him around until Curse of Naxxramas is released, which should be soon. He might get an upgrade in the new expansion, and when Blizzard changes a card they make it so the card can be disenchanted for full price. So you either end up with a better Hogger, or 1600 dust instead of 400.

This also applies to nerfed cards, but Hogger is quite weak already. His health is widely considered too low for a 6-mana card. He's just too hard to keep alive.

I am not 100% sure about that. It is basically 6/6 for 6, with a 2/2 afterwards. He just isn't as good or as comboable as other cards.

Yeah, I'd consider Hogger a good card.. A 4/4 that makes a 2/2 taunt is pretty good. Also has the potential to create additional 2/2 taunts if you leave him around.. He's not great, but certainly better than average.

The turn he comes out, he's basically a Silver Hand Knight for 1 more mana. So if he's dealt with immediately, he's actually worth less than a lower-cost common. Taunt, especially on just a 2/2, is not worth the 1 additional mana if you look at similar-costed cards. And if he isn't dealt with immediately, you could have had a Cairne. Or a Gadgetzan Auctioneer, or something. Basically if someone can't deal with a 4/4 on turn 6 they have either built their deck wrong or they have gotten very unlucky, and much worse things could happen to them than Hogger popping a new 2/2.

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