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What's that Videogame?

Ooh. Wait. I think I saw this on Kotaku the other day and was mildly interested. Invisible, Inc., was it?

Take a twofer:

Just started playing this since it finally doesn't require a VPN to do so outside of Japan. Both of these characters should be pretty recognizable, so... hopefully somebody will get it. =P

I haven't so much as played the game. More or less just noticed the absurdly high amount of fan art(that people refuse to properly tag!). For the longest time, I just thought it was some sort of trading card game, not an actual Battleship-esque game except replace the ships with moe >.>

Anyway it's Kantai collection(the top girl is Kongou the bottom better be atago because damn if I haven't seen them enough times already*grumbles*).

You are correct Dreadwave. On both the game and the characters' names (never really liked Kongou myself, but I <3 Atago).

I got into the game myself just because of how prolific it's been recently. Not too terrible a time-waster.

You're up.

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