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I started playing the Online TCG, and went to Walmart and picked up an Elite Trainer kit (Lunala - only one they had) and some other stuff, mostly for the codes but I have a good amount of physical cards. The stuff at Walmart was on clearance, so I got a good deal.

Originally Posted by Bartmanhomer View Post
Why is everybody keep telling me that Magikarp is the weakest Pokemon in the game?
because until can only learn 1 ability that actually does something (tackle, pretty weak attack), has weak stats. The only thing good about magikarp is it evolves into gyarados, a pretty useful pokemon used well.

I'd be hard-pressed to outright say it's the weakest in the game, however. One big reason why:
It can actually learn a total of three offensive moves: Tackle, Bounce, and Flail.
That may not sound impressive, but even with a 10 base Attack, Flail can still become a 200 power move and Magikarp has unusually high Speed and Swift Swim.

So I'd say Magikarp has vaguely more potential than Kriketot, Sunkern, and Caterpie despite the move set difference. Although Azurill has much lower stats, as well, it also has Huge Power. Wishiwashi may have significantly lower BST, but its school forme is the same Pokémon.

Magikarp may be weak but it's not a lost cause. I beat a Level 100 Mewtwo with a Level 1 Magikarp with one hit. (No hacking).

...What truly could be described as the worst Pokemon honestly? I guess Beldum could be, if you made it forever a Beldum but...yeah. It's a hard question still...

Febass gets moves though, so really, it doesnt compare....statistically. I can understand why you would dislike it though, visually.

Beldum's typing and stats make it outclass a lot of things, even with only one move. And that one move is srong.

Feebas has access to egg moves, TMs, and base movemovepool. It also enjoys a base SpecDef that matches some fully evolved 'mon.

If we're going by 'what can kill what' the worst is probably...cosmog? No way of getting an attacking move, so its only option is splashing about and teleporting away.

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