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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Yeah, it's pretty badass. Fate's Gnome game is the first game I've been part of (as player or GM) that's reached a successful conclusion. We're continuing on, which is awesome, but the original story had a beginning and ending and we made it through that full story. Fate is a phenomenal GM and deserves the praise.

In the absence of a "like" button, I can only concur and repeat the praise.
Go, Fate! Go, Fate!

My only MW character death was a barbarian too, Fate. I am beginning to think perhaps there is a pattern...?

Originally Posted by Ithamar
People see all of those d12 HD and get cocky probably.
With great range comes great variability. (Given a uniform distribution.)

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
People see all of those d12 HD and get cocky probably.
True. Plus she was enraged and wasn't about to stop just because it was a big scary two-headed wyvern...

Originally Posted by Call me Fate View Post
So not only have I gotten one if my campaigns to the full end of the adventure this week (the previously mentioned Gnome game) but today I had my first character death on the Weave! My barbarian was going toe to toe with a wyvern and on the wyvern's turn it succeeded in every roll to hit. Arune went out in a splatter!

Kinda a strange thing to celebrate I guess, but it's a milestone.
Congrats! And condolences all at the same time

After joining in March of 2017, I recently passed 5000 posts. Ive been pretty active here on the Weave after not being able to satisfy my Role Playing itch for years, I was very happy to find this community! Looking forward to the next 5,000!

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