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👀 How about that episode of game of thrones....jeesh! (Yes spoilers)

And apparently, HBO offered D&D the funding for 10 episodes instead of 6. But D&D turned them down.

The trainwreck that has been this season could have been avoided, but now we know directly who to blame.

I heard that when they were talking about not having the money for direwolves, and HBO just kept offering more money

Yea pretty obvious that the guys in charge didn't want to do the job anymore, so just got it done as fast as possible. As much as I wish that the awful job they did would tank their careers... I'm sure it won't.


No, need for a spoiler tag. I have nothing to say at this point, except this has been such a wasted season.

Horrible series finale, right up there with Lost and Dexter.

Going to just say that I enjoyed the series as a whole and cannot wait for the next two books.

Season 8 can just go jump in a pit and be forgotten.

Just remember: These are the people allegedly going to make Star Wars all better with there incredible brilliance. If you weren't going to stop bothering with Star Wars before, now would be a very good time to reconsider that route.

Cause not doing so tells them that you don't actually care or are perfectly fine with how season 8 and the series finally of GoT went.

Food for though.

That aside, Game of Thrones Fans, welcome to what many other fandoms have been feeling for some time now. You have our collective sympathy, we share your pain. There. I've said my piece.

I wouldn't be surprised or even disappointed if many of the broad strokes plot points of the book series end with how they ended in the show (Jon, in particular, seems fated for this kind of ending), but it's the journey to get there that got the ball dropped so orcing hard it's just stupid.

I've been wondering for several seasons now: how can HBO just sit by idly while D&D drive their money machine off the cliff like this? They've stated multiple times that they're tired of the show and just want it to end already. Why doesn't HBO get someone else who is interested in the show to produce, at the very least, a full length season 7 and 8, and possibly 9?

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