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Transylvania Chronicles

The Transylvanian Chronicles - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade

WelcomeAfter a rather long and unexpected hiatus, I returned to the Weave with the intention of taking things easy. I didn't want to become involved in running too many games at once, primarily out of fear that I would get burned out in doing so. So that end, I took my time in becoming reacquainted with the site and the games, easing myself into running games. And now that I am feeling more comfortable with where I'm at, it's time to put the ST hat on once again.

This particular game is for The Transylvania Chronicles, an epic, centuries-long struggle centered on a newly-formed coterie of Vampires, brought together for a purpose higher than any of them individually. It is dark, and gritty, and at times gruesome, with the coterie trying to survive not only single nights, but against armies of mortals who are guided by Elders and Ancients, all playing their political games for whatever purposes they may have. And should the coterie survive, they will have a chance to influence many events that have yet to even take place, as well as carve their names as legend in the Vampiric sands of time.

Game InformationAs noted above, and as seen in the image, this game is for Dark Ages Vampire, 20th Anniversary Edition. There has been some interest in Vampire games as of late, and I personally prefer Dark Ages to Masquerade. And using this ruleset gives us the chance to attempt to explore the entirety of the Transylvania Chronicles, starting with Dark Tides Rising and moving all the way to The Dragon Ascendant. We will be starting in 1198 AD, and if things go well, we will end up in 2019...and possibly beyond.

This game will not be for the casual player, or the somewhat-interested person. I want this to be long-running, and I am looking for a group of 4-5 players who want to move at a relaxed, but steady, pace. I need players who are invested in seeing this through; players who are engaged and actively participating and who want to experience whatever personal horrors their particular characters might have to un-live through.

I have a host of rules that are required reading for creating a character; they can be found in this thread.

I have some miscellaneous rules and game information; this can all be found in this thread.

There is an OOC thread; this can be found right here.

Characters should be created in this folder.

Finishing TouchesThis ad will remain open until June 21, 2019, at ~3 PM PDT. This 3 week period should give everyone enough time to get their characters worked on and such. When you are finished with your character, please tag me in your character thread; until you do so, I will assume that you are working on your character and I will not ask if you are ready. And you must use the Mention tags to get my attention; I have been known to miss things, and this will be no exception.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or general feedback, please do not hesitate to use your typing fingers! I cannot be an effective ST if there are things unanswered.

Finally, if you have read this far, thank you. If you stuck around this long, it means I have done my job in keeping your interest piqued. And for that, I say, once again, thank you.

Game Description:

The clash between East and West is an ongoing struggle in Transylvania. Western Hungarian nobility, the Roman Catholic Church, Saxon merchants and Szeklet overlords are allied on one side. Eastern Hungarian and Transylvania serfs, Vlach and Slav peasants, staunch Pagans and Eastern Orthodox Christians are on the other. Of course, the lines are not so easily drawn. Individual Saxons and Szeklets often have conflicting goals, just as individual Christians and Pagans do. The closer we look at this black-and-white picture, the more we notice many shades of grey.

Add to this the legend of the Cainites. Tremere and Tzimisce vampires fight a deadly war, Tzimisce feudal lords must defend themselves from the sinister armies of neonate packs, Eastern Lords consolidate power, Transylvanian Princes watch as their domains fracture, Malkavians contemplate dark prophecies - there's no limits to the sagas of betrayal and treachery hidden in the shadows.

Now slowly fade everything to black. Throughout the next two centuries, the prophecies of Gehenna come to fruition. An ancient evil in the land - often linked to the Slavic god (or demon) Kupala - remains after countless centuries of Tzimisce Metamorphosist ceremonies and Koldun rites of worship. The order that the Ventrue try to vainly to impose on Transylvania degenerates into chaos. The Ravnos stem their rising anger at the treatment of the Gypsies, the Anarch movement begins, and rebellious vampires perform the Vinculum on Kupala's Night, dreaming of their victorious crusade against the established order.

Stand back. Take a deep breath. It's all yours now. Welcome to Transylvania.

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Would you be ok with a dedicated but new player. I'm interested in learning the system. I know vampire is popular so there will be a flood of applications, but I also don't want to just waste my time if I have no chance.

New players are always welcome.

Greetings Crow, hope all is well. Trying to make a return to Myth might have some interest in this.

Ooo I like the character creation rules, it both helps build a character and limits craziness I assume for ease of the ST choosing players and finding information.

SOLD - heres my soul, 8 pints of blood, one IOU and my interest -

I had to pass on a previous Dark ages game sadly due to commitment but thankfully i'm now free to return to the weave and partake in this goodness

to the cave of ideas

Talking of what's your feelings on reusing failed characters from the other DAV game?

Originally Posted by TiffanyKorta View Post
Talking of what's your feelings on reusing failed characters from the other DAV game?
Using failed concepts is fine with me. Keep in mind, though, that the actual mechanics of said character may change due to the rules used for this particular game. As long as the mechanics match what I'm doing with this game, I have no problem with you applying with a concept originally conceived as part of another game.

Too bad we can't Upvote people for writing great ads or something. Super well-written. I can't play but I just wanted to say that. Happy Gaming, all!


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