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Science Fantasy - System and Theme

I would be interested in a game that have a feel of the Phantasy Star video games (a good mix of fantasy element with Sci Fi IMO).

As for the other type of game, maybe it could be more occult oriented, with secret societies, cults and monster lurking in the dark (awakened AI that terrorize the net, demons, eldritch horror, etc). If you go for the second genre that I'm talking about, I think that World of Darkness would be the best system (with some tweaks).

Ditto what Shorkid just said: there are many more rules-lite dystopian apocalypse games compared to rules-lite space adventure. You'd get plenty of interest for either option, but I'd be more interested to see what you might offer in the way of rules-lite space adventure.

The Phantasy Star series was cool. And speaking of sci-fi fantasy stuff, the Xenosaga games were pretty average, but I always thought the setting would be a good inspiration for a campaign.

Anyway, I think I'd be interested whichever way this game goes.

Originally Posted by RdMarquis View Post
Do you have any experience with the Cortex system? I think it has a decent mix of crunch and narrative elements. The variants I've played, at least.
I quite like the Cortex system and I think it would work quite well with a hard sci-fi fantasy style game.

However when it comes to sci fi games, I do have a preference to using Alternity. Your humans/humanoids feel more grounded using skills which allows using the good stuff e.g. tech to really shine.

@Kbot: My best advice is to use the system you're most comfortable with. I'm actually currently running a 5e game that fits almost exactly with the cyberpunk idea you have, but the reason I chose 5e was less that it was the "best" system and more that it was the one I best knew and was most comfortable managing. Look at the systems that you think you'd be able to run well, then make whatever house rules and tweaks you need to make it better fit your setting.

Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
I'm running a Numenera game right now, but the Cypher system is perfectly oriented for this kind of mixed genre game. I actually wanted to design and GM a Black Ocean-esque setting, but I decided I needed to pay attention to all the games I am already running. They actually discuss exactly how to manage this kind of setting in the Cypher corebook. In any case, I'm totally down for the set when and if you post an ad...
I second the suggestion to use Numenera, The Strange, or any other Cypher System variants. They're pretty much tailor made for science fantasy shenanigans and are light on crunch. Having been in a coupe fairly long running games using it in the past I think they adapt pretty well to PbP.

Originally Posted by Kbot View Post
Thanks for the feedback regarding system. I don't know why I didn't of PBTA. It's one of my favorite in real life. Now to do more digging and maybe hacking to get it to work. Are PBTA games pretty popular here on the weave?

Any thoughts regarding the setting? Dystopia cyberpunk city? Or epic space adventure?
I can't comment on the setting*, but I can confirm PbtA seems quite popular on MW.

*Of course I can, but I have no bandwidth for another game, so what's the point?

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've settled on using PBTA and aiming for an epic space adventure or opera. It'll take me sometime as I'm hacking apart some of PBTA to better fit the setting.

I'm leaning toward not having predefined playbooks and letting players customize or create their own. I'll have a few examples to start from, but I don't want to limit anyone's creativity for a concept. Has anyone tried this before or something similar.

I'm also going to borrow parts from Stats Without Numbers to help with some of the world building and setting creation. I am open to any other tips or ideas.

"Using PbtA" goes only so far. You will need to find an actual system to use. For space fantasy you have a few options: Uncharted Worlds and Impulse Drive are the two big ones, though I think the latter is not yet published and the former is a bit lacking in features. Though UW does do the "build your own playbook" thing, kinda. You pick your origin and two careers for your available abilities. The Far From Humanity also introduces the space fantasy part with magic and aliens, as I recall.


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