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also @Diofant Thanks for mentioning that manga! Never heard of it before and I just started reading it!

@drezdock This reminds me of an arc of the podcast The Adventure Zone, a DnD game played by the Brothers McElroy (and their Dad) from the podcast My Brother My Brother And Me.

The arc is called The Eleventh Hour (if you'd choose to listen for ideas). I believe the DM gave them verbal cues like "tell me when you want to do something different than last time" and each time the thrings would change accordingly. And they could go back and not do things again, and clarify those. The only forced repetition was if they chose it.

It was pretty entertaining

I've had an idea for something like this with a Tian Xia campaign based off the "Way of the Samurai" video game series. The players were stuck in a one month limbo along with an important NPC to all of them with the goal of saving a city from itself within... well, I hadn't figured out how many "lives" they'd get but if they city was destroyed or if half the heroes died, they'd have to start from the beginning. And if they used all their "lives", they're souls would be stolen away, never allowed to reach the outer planes for eternity.

I like the idea for something like this but you'll have to have something like a permanent character sheet with every item and coin the character had before the time lock. And since the fear of lost of life or lost of progress is effectively gone, a certain "fail state" needs to be established. Maybe have the players have to periodically make Int/Wis/Cha saves to keep their memories of before the timeloop began, until if they fail one too many times have to become an NPC that ends up inadvertently doing the same actions every day for eternity.

Originally Posted by drezdock View Post
One of my concerns is "resetting" everyone at once? What happens when players one and two die, but 3, 4, and 5 are still going strong? If one goes down to they all reset? take away the agency of people deciding if they want to try and save there friends by resetting?
I like the idea of collectively agreeing to either start over or maybe have a device that can cast a "True Resurrection" spell at a great cost that makes the game or character's fail state grow closer, or maybe even force a memory saving throw idea from my other post?

*Uses the cursed lantern to bring back their ally*
"Alright, I brought you back just like you promised earlier. We're halfway through the palace now."
"Thanks! Right, time to tell the King about his wife's infidelity!"
"Wait, what? No! We tried that already, remember?"
"What!? No we didn't! This... can't be right. Isn't this Death number 7?"
"... this is number 11...!"
"... I don't... remember them...!"

I think a lot would depend on the dynamics of the individual group. Some vague thoughts:

My gut instinct is that “If any one person dies, everyone resets” is the most practicable in PbP (assuming that the plan would be to play this on MW).

You would have the concern that anything else may produce a situation in which a player has to sit out and not do anything for weeks or even months until there’s a reset, because their character died and everyone else wanted to go on. That’s a recipe for killer attrition. I think you would definitely have to have something for such players to do, perhaps let them take over NPCs who accompany the PCs in the meantime.

But if this is for play around a table, that’s much less of a concern, especially if the deadliness is high and resets are frequent.

This idea sounds interesting, the BBEG needs to be considered. Perhaps the BBEG is causing the time loop, and there should be several monsters/NPCs that are also leveling up inside the time loop. Maybe perhaps you have to hunt down the ones inside the time loop before you can get out of the time loop.

What if the dead stayed dead, but they could interact with an almost mirror image "spirit world?" Maybe they could see and do things that they otherwise couldn't while alive. Maybe some puzzles are easier to solve if living and dead players work in tandem?

If you use checkpoints, you could also give people the option of running back to their bodies to revive.

I'd had an idea for a game like that a while back as well. It was quite different to this pitch - rather, the idea was that "killed" players didn't really die but could continue to interact as ghosts or something. For something like this, though, maybe they're transported to another place? A sort of underworld or "in between" place they must navigate in order to get back? That way they can still have something to entertain them (and maybe even ways to progress the story) whilst the rest of the players are busy.

But yeah, this does work better as a solo, I think.

It's a novel conundrum, that's for sure!

Two ideas come to mind:

1) When a PC dies, the other PCs somewhat 'lose control' of the rest of the day. They are forced to summarize their actions and can do nothing they haven't done already on a prior day. After a handful of posts, the game day ends and everyone wakes up again the next morning.

2) Make the whole game a supernatural ghost hunt. PCs are ghost investigators, and not all ghosts are bad. If a PC dies, he immediately becomes a 'party-ally ghost' for the rest of the day, waking up alive again the next morning. Perhaps the time loop started after they all spent the night in the haunted house, and they can't escape until they unravel all its mysteries and send the undead to their final rest.

@Eternal @hakootoko those are interesting ideas. It combines everyone elses ideas about keeping the party together and limits scope so that things can be more contained.... I dig it.

I also really like the idea of the rest of the day spiraling out of control. Kind of like the montages of crazy deaths and actions.


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