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Reborn Earth, Call for aid

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Reborn Earth, Call for aid

Adventures on Reborn Earth - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Static surges occur as a young man with blue hair on the screen but the image flickers and shifts as the transmission seems to be from old technology

"Is this thing on? Come on tell me this thing is working." He would sigh "well here's go nothing." He would look at the screen "Anyone who can hear this message, My name is Jin White of Moonstall and we got an emergency, there's a bunch of Undead Rebirth and their advanced tech pounding on our city doors. My friends and I have done what we could to try and help prepare for the attack after we got a divine warning that they were coming. However there's this Gadget Bot Guy driving one of their giant weapons who leading the attack and he's taking no prisoners. I swear I didn't know spying on the factory would piss the guy off."

A explosion would be heard in the background followed by panicked people and other noises

"Shit, they've breached the wall. I better get to my spot for the internal defense. Anyone who's out there, be warned, Rebirth has returned!" He would go off screen with the camera with placing down the camera and showing a ground view with Jin running down the street and then a towering shadow of some sort of giant construct

~~~ End of Transmission ~~~

Heyo Players, SMARTAgentKC here

Welp we've had some real fun down here on Reborn Earth but I've been having people ghost and I've received requests for recruiting more people especially for the Divine Warning Mission who is down to two PCs and they are preparing to face a big boss level encounter (the scene above is somewhat linked to that as sort of an storyline version of that.)

So recruitment has opened up again, DnD Fifth Edition, Level 6 Gestalt, with a lot of freedom in terms of available resources and homebrew. You can find all details in character creation but if you are creating a character please do not post in any of the adventure topics, there's a general OOC for all questions,

Game Description:

220 years ago a great ecological and nuclear disaster known as The Rebirth ravaged the world turning it from a modern technologically advanced society to a post apocalyptic one. Those that survived the event were plagued by terrible diseases and other effects that caused their bodies to gain strange racial mutations. It was thought that the world and all that lived in it would soon die, however it was discovered that the disaster had opened rifts that let out fountains of strong magical energy that caused life to flourish greatly within a certain radius of the rifts. The rifts were named Life Fountains because exposure to the energy caused the diseases to go away and heal other sicknesses including ones that poisoned the land. What remained of society gathered at some of these fountains and created small city states around them. With research and time the effects of the rifts started to spread and restored the land turning it from a wasteland into a place that could support all forms of life.

Fast forward 200 years and the world is stable, magic is abundant, each city state has their own ruling government or society and severe war like conflict is rare. There is still conflict from the occasional racial and/or property battle to battles of ideals but for the most part after a few fights the more even headed members get together to nail out an agreement and peace generally has come to the once ravaged world of Reborn Earth (often shortened to Reb-Earth). There are many 'ancient ruins' that hold treasure both of history and wealth of an era gone by but most today have no idea of past things.

However about 12 years ago. Hidden bunkers belonging to the group who had caused the legendary disaster to happen, have arisen releasing soldiers and other humanoids who had been in suspended animation however a massive side effect of their suspended animation turned them into skeleton like creatures kept alive by fluid filled mecha suits. These beings became known has Rebirth and 10 years ago they launched massive assaults against the city states using a deadly glowing sludge like substance called Goop, or Glowing Organic Obliteration Product which destroyed life and caused many to perish. It was thought that Rebirth would take over the world using their Goop machines and other technologically advanced weapons however something happened that caused the life fountains to all surge with magical energy and in several places strange miracle level displays of power vaporized the bulk of the rebirth soldiers attacking the towns and healed the still living people affected by the attacks. With this display of power the people rallied and destroyed what remained of Rebirth and destroyed their factories and bunkers to make sure that Goop could never be produced and they would never cause another war like that again. However rumor has it some city states have taken the technology of Rebirth and seek to study it to gain its power and there are also rumors that certain leaders have made deals with Rebirth Agents for technology in exchange for asylum

In the present day, Life for the moment is peaceful to varying degrees however in a church called the Hand of God in a city state called Moonstall, a young roguish man named Jin and a young cleric named Rebecca are about to receive a divine warning from their God. An army of undead approaches their home, remnants of those who tried to save their lives from the results of their work brought to this world and if they are not stopped, death will come for all. Is it a faction of rebirth who didn't awake twelve years ago or remained hidden in an underground bunker, or is it old agents who have linked with some enemies of Moonstall and plan to come to take over the pious town. Well adventurers that is but one of the adventures you can have here on Reborn Earth

I invite anyone who completes a character app.

There are currently a few groups in play but there are other opportunities, groups being formed, and even Arena Combat if you just want try out a specific build.

So come on down make an app, there is a lot of options to play and I'm plotting on reopening a mission that last time most of the group ghosted on and the one player remaining transferred to a different group that had lost a player

Oh, awesome! Will try and create something! Its been a lot of fun making characters lately outside my comfort zone, and a post-apoc fantasy just seems like a blast. XD

Just to be clear for everyone, this game features RUNNING RECRUITMENT. If you're interested, apply and join one of the tables. That's all that need be done.


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