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Need new blood for the zombies... LOL

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Need new blood for the zombies... LOL

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The group has survived the beginning of the zombie apocalypse thus far, with a few casualties along the way of course. I have had a few players go MIA on me so I will need to replace them or find creative ways to remove their characters from the game and/or introduce new characters. I am willing to open up current characters that their players have gone MIA, and that I am currently running as NPCs, for new recruits to take over roleplaying. The current list of available characters are as follows:

Rowan - ex military female with some piloting and motorcycle skills
Alexia Chandler - cheerleader, can use pistol and drives a Jeep
Sofi - homeless girl, seductive thief
Felix - ugly giant flame-throwing genius, MacGyver type engineer

Game Description:

An Introduction:
This will be a good, fun, hack, slash, survival, post-apocalyptic zombie game. Modern times, with a sort of hybrid feel you might get if you crossed "Dawn of the Dead" with "Zombie Land" movies. A horrific, fast moving zombie apocalypse with tons of gore and surprises, but yet a good splash of unapologetically morbid humor! LMAO! I mean, truly, sometimes its so disgusting you gotta laugh, right?

Game Master(s):
LordDoom - LordDoom profile
My Gaming Style:
First things first, let me hammer out a few things on gaming style or attitude. My style is a bit gritty, a bit on the edge, pushing limits, there will be conflicts and chaos, I'm not the world's best know-it-all on the rules, player characters will not be coddled, some may even get maimed or killed! I will not mediate at the GM level for players having in game character conflicts. I did not want to start or run a game to become a baby sitter. I am looking for adult players. If characters run into issues in the game of any kind whether general problems with world situations, NPCs, enemies, or even fellow players, it needs to be played out in the game. If you kill each other so be it, oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles. Hopefully, things get worked out just like they would if you were there yourselves, figure it out amongst yourselves because I will not tell players how to play their characters. Besides, that is what makes it fun. Obviously, if someone is overly or completely obnoxious and deliberately trying to sabotage the game, then I will figure out an in-game solution to take them out, but only if absolutely necessary. It would be a last resort to go to that level, there is plenty enough to kill players without me (the GM) doing it. In the game there will likely be curse word substitutes, adult themes, innuendo, suggestive scenarios may arise, there will most certainly be lots of blood & guts, possibly drinking and drug use may come into play (remember this is just fictional horror people!). This will not be a game for the faint of heart, wimps, whiners, cry babies, etc, so if you are one of them please go away. If you are easily offended or like politically correct games or don't like player versus player conflicts, move along to another game. If you like gritty, hardcore, conflict, chaos, realism set in an utterly harsh, hellish, survival of the fittest, post-apocalyptic world, then perhaps you found the right game...and the right GM!

Game Explanation:
What's the premise of the story? What will be the mood/attitude/play-style of the game?
I think we covered this above... Zombies! Mood/'tude/and style was covered above as well.

Application Process:
How should people apply to play? How long will applications be accepted? How many player-spots are open?
I am looking for 1-4 players maximum. I have started an application thread for people wanting to join. I am asking that you create awesome fully fleshed out characters, the more detailed and unique the better. One post per applicant PLEASE. Edit your post if necessary. Consider it an audition because I will be choosing who gets in and who doesn't. This will not be a first come first served type recruitment process... You need to win me over with a kick ass character concept. Think of this as an audition. I want the cream of the crop characters and only 4 spots max to fill. I'm willing to run this thing with only one player if need be, because I'm gonna be picky. I'm serious. Less is best, quality over quantity. With a few players we can keep things rolling more steady and more frequently, faster turn around post times and a more engaged group of players. It will be better for everyone.

Character Creation:
What are the rules being used for making characters?
GURPS 4th edition
If you are not familiar with GURPS or do not have the basic rules, here is a link to their free core rules supplement:
GURPS Lite 4th Edition

This will be a low level realistic (as much as can be expected in a zombie game) styled game. No stats higher than 15 please. Total character points will be 150 with -70 disads and -5 quirks (total -75 negative points), no cinematic advantages, talents, skills, perks, etc. Keep things realistic and believable. No zombie apocalypse guru characters optimized to survive in this type world. Skills should be believable and realistic, such as sports, hunters, maybe a police officer or fireman or nurse or EMT or ex-military, doctor, outdoorsman, biker, ex-criminal, bull-rider, bouncer, up-start mixed martial artist wannabe, etc... just to name a few ideas...

Any additional information or requirements:
There will be house rules at times, which will be discussed in the Out of Character (OOC) thread.

I will try to Post at least 2 times per week on my work weeks and at least 4 or more times when I'm off work.

Ok, who's ready to have some fun killing zombies and any other D-bags that need to be dead?

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