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Time to Rock the Dragon!

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Time to Rock the Dragon!

The Demon Wizard War - Forum

I feel the description covers the basics pretty well. Goku is dead, King Piccolo rules the Earth but is fighting Babidi. Kami has fused with King Piccolo, the Dragonballs are gone, the Red Ribbon Army are the good guys, Earth has gone to hell in a handbasket and you just may be its last hope. It's gonna be fun a bun!

Game Description:

Kakarot was never sent to Earth.

So, when the Demon King Piccolo was revived, there was nobody who could stop him. Under the Demon Kingís malevolent reign, all crime was made legal with one exception... The practice of martial arts was punishable by death! Those who dared to defy this proclamation went underground, practicing in secret in the hopes of one day gaining the strength necessary to defeat the tyrant.

Unfortunately, twenty-one years later, after King Piccolo ascended to the throne, the wizard Babidi came to Earth seeking the ancient destroyer known as Majin Buu. Not taking too kindly to this intrusion, King Piccolo and his demon army locked horns with the alien interloper, starting a planet-wide battle for supremacy. King Piccolo forced a fusion with Kami to become stronger. Otherwise, he was no match for Babidiís better henchmen. The two of them feud endlessly over the unawakened Majin Buu, while the rest of Earth struggles to survive their rage...

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