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Return of the Runelords

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Return of the Runelords

Return of the Runelords - Forum
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Welcome to the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path! I am your host Kelly, also known as Moon Knight, after the best superhero in Marvel history (next to Mar-Vell, but he’s dead), and after thoroughly reading the first AP of this game, and having played (and GM’ed) both Rise of the Runelords and Shattered Star, both of which this is a sequel of sort to, I’ve decided to give this a try. I’ve been lurking, but this will be my first time DM’ing in a play by post setting. I’m hoping everyone will give me an opportunity.

Now, for the heart of what I am looking for:
  • Level: 1st Level. 20 point buy, or you can roll 3d6, re-roll 1’s for your stats. If you choose rolling, you CAN choose the point buy if you didn’t like your rolls.
  • Races: Any Official Paizo races, except drow.
  • Classes: Any Official Paizo classes, including unchained. If you pick Summoner or Monk, they MUST be the Unchained versions.
  • Archetypes: Any Official Paizo ones. You may have more than one, as long as they do not interfere with one another.
  • Gold: You may take the average gold for your class, OR you may roll it. If you roll it, you MUST take what you roll. High risk, high reward.
  • Traits: 2 allowed. I would normally say that you must take a campaign trait, but the Players Guide has not been released. You cannot take two of the same kind of traits (no 2 combat traits, for example)
  • Flaws: 1 allowed, and this will give you another trait. This 3rd trait CAN be a similar type to the first two you picked.
  • Feat Tax: No. Rules As Written.
  • Background Skills: Yes.
  • Posting Guidelines: I’d LOVE to have people post every day, but I also understand real life. I would prefer 3 times a week. More would be fantastic.

What I want from applications is a direct connection to Rodric’s Cove, the setting for the first part of the adventure. There needs to be a reason to be there, and a reason you want the town to still be safe – some sort of concrete connection. You might be FROM the town, or have relatives in the town. Something that drew you here, and makes you want to see it safe from harm.

Aside from that and no evil, submit whom you want. I will take the best 4 or 5 (if I get that many submissions) and we’ll get started.

Submit characters on the forum board under the sub-folder “Applications”. Questions, let me know. I hope to hear from everyone soon!

Game Description:

When one Runelord rose from his slumber, the frontier nation of Varisia shook with his power, and it took a band of heroes to save the world. Yet there remained six other runelords, and now the most wrathful of them all has woken! As the runelords waken one after another, the dangers and perils faced by past heroes pale in comparison.

When a mysterious and fearful ghost manifests on the streets of Roderic’s Cove at the same time the town’s gangs use the runes and legacies of ancient Thassilonian tyrants for their own ends, a new band of heroes must rise to save Varisia, and perhaps the world, from the return of the Runelords!

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Dead game, DM went AWOL a month ago

I would really love to play this. I played all through Rise of the Runelords, than I ran Shattered Star.


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