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The RFT, still going strong!!!

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The RFT, still going strong!!!

The Realm Folded Tavern - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

The Realm-Folded Tavern is looking for both GMs and Players.

What is the Realm-Folded Tavern? It's a community of players who run multiple adventures with many GMs, all using the same rules for character-building and advancement. Like the D&D 5e Adventurer's League, we provide the structure so that characters who finish one adventure can simply proceed with another one! How strong is it? It's been running for three and a half years now.

If you are thinking of running a D&D 3.5 game:

Consider running it at the Realm-Folded Tavern! You can decide which characters to accept in your game. You can make your own story and your own settings (the Tavern is a trans-dimensional out-of-space-and-time establishment). The only reason not to do so is if you disagree with the character creation rules we're using (see below). The more games that are running, the healthier this part of the 3.5 community will be, and the easier it will be for everyone to have fun! While the starting level for new characters is level 3, there are many well established characters all the way up to level 12 now.

If you want to play a D&D 3.5 game:

Consider creating a character using the Realm-Folded Tavern's rules! Most materials from D&D 3.5 are acceptable, and you can finally play a character who doesn't poof-vanish if a DM ghosts on you! You'll just go back into the pool of accepted PCs for the Realm-Folded Tavern (probably with some extra gold and xp), and then you can join another game.

The basic character creation rules are as follows, with more details in the forums themselves (HERE):

Originally Posted by SamGronge View Post
Basic Character Generation
  • Gestalt Characters.
  • You can only progress through one prestige class at a time, as per normal Gestalt rules.
  • Fractional BAB and saves (please review your character sheets to reflect this).
  • 32 Point Buy (all abilities must be bought at 8 or higher)
  • Up to 2 traits.
  • Up to 2 flaws (1 extra feat per each flaw).
  • Starting level 1 through 3.
  • Max Health (Hit Points) Per Level.
  • There will be no multi-class penalties to experience points.
  • Once a class skill, always a class skill.
  • Class skills for each class should be clearly noted on your character sheet.
  • Permanent Intelligence increases do retroactively improve skill points.
  • Permanent Constitution increases do retroactively improve hit points.
  • Your effective level for a class feature (
    for an animal companion
    e.g.) cannot exceed your character level, unless you have a feature that explicitly state otherwise (
    the beastmaster's bonus to effective druid level for an animal companion can explicitly boost your druid level above your character level
    e.g.). Feats that combine class features or stack levels of different classes for a given class feature cannot increase your effective level above your character level.
  • A given spellcasting progression cannot be advanced twice at the same level (
    A level of wizard||loremaster only grants +1 to wizard CL, not +2

Game Description:

The Realm Folded Tavern has all your needs and wants, from good ale, to not half bad food. The tavern provides everything for you, as long as you are a part of the Boards.

The Boards are a great part of the tavern and city. Many creatures from all around the realms come to this tavern to find missions, answers, or even questions. The tavern grants anyone entrance, anything and anyone.

Also, if anyone wants to run their own Board quest go ahead and do it! This is definitely open for others to try their hands at DMing.

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Originally Posted by TheBard101 View Post
Wow, that's.... a lot of action going on there.
You're always welcome back, TheBard.

I would, but I'm developing an allergy to lowbie games. LOL

a few decades of "never getting passed 6th level before the game dies or we start over" will do that to you.

That's actually one of the things that draws me to this sort of game. If the table in which you're playing vanishes, the character can keep moving forward with a different group/mission. So, the character becomes the sustaining part of it and 'the game' becomes the part that sometimes falls by the wayside. That way, you get to actually advance a character.

Hmmm, might be a good way to bring Snowbell back from the limbo of game disappearance. Do they allow old characters to be used, or is it newly generated characters only?

So long as your character conforms to the stated rules, and is level 3 or lower, it should be fine.

Originally Posted by TheBard101 View Post
I would, but I'm developing an allergy to lowbie games. LOL

a few decades of "never getting passed 6th level before the game dies or we start over" will do that to you.
That's the perennial problem with play-by-post games, isn't it? And admittedly, most of what we do at RFT is low-level play: that hasn't changed. Players come and go, and RFT offers a lot for people who like to tinker and play casually. But, there's also a cohort of players who've stuck with it, and we've all got characters above 10th level now, with ongoing story arcs crossing several missions, and plenty of hooks for new characters to integrate into the overarching mythos of RFT.

And I will give you a personal guarantee that if you play in a Blue Jay mission, the mission will move at a good pace, it will not terminate early, and you will see your character advance. And there will definitely be story hooks that will facilitate you developing your character's narrative, as well.

Naturally, there's no pressure or anything, and no hard feelings if it's not your thing. But you are welcome.

Originally Posted by hoverfrog View Post
Are there any alignment restrictions?
The usual class-based alignment restrictions are enforced (albeit loosely), but characters of any alignment can participate. The Tavern is a recruiting agency and a "safe zone" where characters of different alignments are forced to behave.

Originally Posted by Muggie2 View Post
Hmmm, might be a good way to bring Snowbell back from the limbo of game disappearance. Do they allow old characters to be used, or is it newly generated characters only?
Old characters will be asked to re-apply, because we've changed and tightened our rules recently. But, there's still plenty of content to draw from, so it should be easy to tweak or rebuild an old favorite.

@Blue Jay what's new in the rules since I was there? I'm curious.

I generally only apply to mid-level or higher games now a days. Most of them die anyway, often before we even DO anything. LOL I can't tell you how many characters were built, accepted, started, and then did nothing as the DM vanished. The RTF seems to be one of the few that haven't crashed. I might check to see if any Blue Jay games are starting soon. Can we make mid-level characters or do we need to start at 1st to be fair?


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