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Talislanta: Looking for Companions

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Talislanta: Looking for Companions

Talislanta: A New Age - Forum

IntroductionCymril – shining center of Magical lore on Talislanta. The greatest collection of Savants since the beginning of the Phaedran Empire at the start of the New Age. Cymril -- the center of trade for the Western Lands, a cosmopolitan city where half a continent's cultures can be found among the gleaming spires of green glass. Cymril -- Capitol of the Seven Kingdoms, Guardian of Freedom and Hope for the peoples of Talislanta. A beacon of knowledge, tolerance and good will; new cradle of enlightened civilization.

Unfortunately, you are not there.

No, you are in the North-Western Wilderlands of Zaran, across the Dead River from Nankar in Sindar of the Seven Kingdoms. Your destination is a ruin seen only once before, just past the Fangs of Golarin in the Plains of that name beyond, claimed homeland of the Beastmen, to recover the treasures presumed to lie there. You and your companions have traveled from the Seven Kingdoms outpost of Karfan where you gathered, to set upon the quest.

I'm looking for some new players for this game. It is a slow-paced game, I update about twice a week, so if you are interested it will not be the game that overwhelms your time. Experience with Talislanta is not necessary, but interest in the unique world definitely is. All of the Talislanta books are avilable for free in PDF at Talislanta.com.

I am happy to answer questions here or via PM.

Game Description:

Talislanta is a fantasy world designed by Stephan Michael Sechi (SMS by his fans and friends) and the folks at Bard Games in the 1980's. Billed as a fantasy world like no other, with the catch phrase "No Elves!", Talislanta captured my imagination and that of fans around the world. I have a marked preference for the Second edition, which is a moderately revised version of the first edition with which I began my journey in Talislanta, largely because the mechanics are simple and the world adheres most closely not only to my recollection of it, but I believe to SMS's original vision as well.

All previously published Talislanta books were made freely available, with certain limits and qualifications, by SMS and are available for at www.talislanta.com.

Posting rate subject to the vagaries of RL, currently slow.
Is there any particular edition you would prefer for us to use?

His earlier ads indicate Second Edition.

Thank you for expressing interest.

I've been playing Talislanta since 1987 and I find 2nd edition with the house rules listed in the character creation thread to be the least clunky and easiest to use.

Any other questions regarding this game?

Are you planning on running the original Talislanta or the revised Talislanta that was Kickstarted a couple years ago?

Never mind! You answered it.

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