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Are you reaaady to rumble? (maximum xcrawl beggar's bowl)

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Are you reaaady to rumble? (maximum xcrawl beggar's bowl)

Maximum XCrawl: Beggar's Bowl - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e


Game Description:

A dungeons & dragon's game set in the beautiful 'Maximum X-Crawl' universe. For those who don't know what that is, think Urban Arcana where dungeon exploration is a sport that's America's pass time, throw in a whole bunch of Bright, some Shadowrun megacorporations and dystopianism for seasoning, and of course a nice big whallop of WWE.

You won't be playing adventurers in the tradition sense, greenhorns. You'll be playing X-crawlers, a mixture of traditional adventurers, pro athletes, 'Professional Wrestling' style Superstars, and would-be celebrities. Why would anyone risk their lives in manufactured dungeons for the viewing pleasure of audiences at home, otherwise? To get famous, because anyone with a brain knows the only way to get ahead in life (in the world of X-crawl) is to get famous.

There will be considerable home brew and modifications, as I take the pathfinder/D&D 3.5-isms of Maximum X-Crawl as it is in the book, and update it into a workable format for D&D 5E.

ARE YOU READY, Crawl-Fans?

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This is where you post your app

You can get here by clicking forum button along the top line of the ad and it will take you to the subforum that hosts this game.

Warr may not be on this next couple of days, I hear real life giving him something new to work with.

Just announcing that new applications will be closing friday, and I will be choosing monday evening my time.


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