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The Swarm Cometh!

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The Swarm Cometh!

The Roughnecks - Forum

Greetings everyone!

This is a medium level Starfinder Roleplaying Game set in the standard Starfinder setting; Golarion has vanished, sure, but that's not what's important to us at this stage! Characters are going to be playing members of a relatively large mercenary group who are currently in the local space of an AbadarCorporation funded colony world, contracted to hunt down the pirates - potentially Corpse Fleet - who they believe are the cause for the supply ships that have gone missing. The beginning of the campaign is intended to set the stage for a war the size of which hasn't been seen in the known worlds....

Game Description:

An eighth level Starfinder RPG set in the standard Golarion missing setting, characters are playing a mercenary group who are on contract hunting pirates (potentially Corpse Fleet raiders) in one of the outer systems!


The Roughnecks

The Roughnecks are a mercenary company largely contracted by AbadarCorp for security measures involving their exploration and colonisation efforts and for anti-piracy operations. Operating out of Absalom Station, the Roughnecks control three AbadarCorp ATech Immortal-class cruisers (Vanguard, Erastil's Reach and Aegis) and generally only two are on assignment at a time to ensure that reinforcements are available if necessary, in addition to this they operate several converted Castrovel Kevolari Venture-class 'assault landers' capable of transporting troops to the ground though only when orbital control is acquired. Favourable trading deals with AbadarCorp have kept The Roughnecks well armed and armoured, troops well cared for and recruitment numbers consistent enough that roughly half sign on for a single term of five years employment before retiring to an easy life with a sizeable pension. Those that don't wish to leave after the first term are free to stay on as veterans, signing on for an additional five years or ten years if they have command aspirations. As such, all Officers within The Roughnecks have been 'ground pounders' at one point or another and have yet to have any (known) issue with infiltrators.

The Roughnecks are happy to take on any and all recruits that pass physical fitness requirements to ensure that everyone is combat ready, though there is a large number of troopers who struggle to fight alongside the Undead or Elebrians due to the history of conflict between The Roughnecks and the Corpse Fleet. Roughly one full quarter of The Roughnecks troopers are Vesk, whilst the majority of Officers are Human or Shirren.

Character Creation

Point Buy Character Creation: 14 Point Buy
Races: Core Races (Starfinder Core Rulebook) plus Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc and Orc
Wealth: 35,000cr, Maximum Item Level is equal to Character Level +2
Key Ability Score: You may choose from either a Physical or Mental score; Strength OR Intelligence, Dexterity OR Wisdom, Constitution OR Charisma and vice versa based on your initial option from your class. IE an Envoy would normally be restricted to Charisma, then they may choose from Constitution OR Charisma, Soldier would be able to choose from Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence or Wisdom.
Semi-Gestalt: All classes gain a single Soldier Fighting Style as if their Character Level were their Soldier Level, this means that this advances no matter the class choice at each level. Any weapon proficiencies provided as a result of this are not considered to be class proficiencies for purposes of the Weapon Specialization Class Features.
Classes: Envoy, Mechanic, Mystic, Operative, Solarian, Soldier & Technomancer
Archetypes: Any, but incorporate into backstory
Theme: Any, but incorporate into backstory
Starship Crew: Please include the role you are building towards for Starship Combat, for reference the ATech Immortal has a Captain (NPC), one Engineering Officer, three Gunnery Officers, one Pilot and one Science Officer role. After the first part of the Campaign, the Captain role will become available and starship roles will shuffle around slightly.


Is the game going to be pure combat or will there be other situations coming up ?

Definitely not pure combat, that said the first part will be a bit combat heavy with survival elements to it due to the way the story is intended to develop.

Would a envoy be totally out of the question for a game like this? I'm thinking of a hacker/face type character.

Originally Posted by The_Ovla View Post
Would a envoy be totally out of the question for a game like this? I'm thinking of a hacker/face type character.
Probably going to feel a little under-utilised to begin, but as the game progresses there’s going to be plenty of opportunity for social elements and technological too.

Is the Starfinder stuff on the SRD?

Originally Posted by Artanis25 View Post
Is the Starfinder stuff on the SRD?
There are SRD's out there, I personally use this one but there are others out there. I'd just check that whatever you use, the source is official Paizo material.

AoN Is the official Paizo authorized site, and probably the best. I still find The Hidden Truth useful sometimes. Everything on both of those sites should be Paizo official. Starjammer SRD is the d20pfsrd of the Starfinder rules, and also useful, but be careful as there is a lot of 3rd party content on that site.


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