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Calling all Knights of Solamnia

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Calling all Knights of Solamnia

The Age of Mortals War of Souls - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Dragonlance

The Fifth Age

Applications Looking for at least 4 Knights of Solamnia and up to 2 Auxillary characters
ECL 10 Stats 36 pt buy Races Knights must have a human father
Sources DragonLance 3.5 campaign guide, Age of Mortals, Knightly Orders of Ansalon are core.
All WoTC material considered. Can be played without DragonLance books if you do not have them... I have them

Check out the forum for full application info including considerations for the Age of Mortals here

Character Creation Questions answered here

394 AC
11 DC

World of Krynn
Continent of Ansalon

It has been a decade since the heroes of the last battle of Chaos have been laid to rest in the Last Heroes Tomb. The bodies of fallen Knights of Solamnia laid next to the Knights of Takhisis, along with Tanis the Half Elven, Kitiara, Sturm and Steel Brightblade and Tanin, Caramon and Tika also the Blue Lady, the Overlord of the Blue Dragon Army, honored together in their part in defeating Chaos and saving Krynn. Much has changed in the years that followed.

Without the influence of the Gods, it has become known as the Age of Mortals. The skies forever changed without the familiar constellations of the Gods of Krynn. The three moons have gone and been replaced by a single large moon. It has been ten years of turmoil for the peoples of Ansalon with the emergence of the Dragon Overlords, strange new Dragons have arrived on Krynn. Larger and stronger than any previous Dragons, these new beasts quickly make Krynn their home taking regions of Ansalon by force from other dragons.

In the region of Solamnia the Dark Knights form an alliance with a Blue Dragon Overlord and storm the region in the beginning of a conquest of a new Dragon Army throughout the region. New Dragonkin, spawned from the Blue Dragon Overlord join forces with the Dark Knights of Takhisis and lay waste to the Knightly Forces of Solamnia as they are weakened and in disarray following the Chaos War.

The Knights of Solamnia find no favour from the Gods, and with magic of old gone with the three moons and the majority of Metallic Dragons gone, they are defeated on the battlefield with few survivors alive to recount the tale. Throughout Ansalon the power of the Dark Knights grows and it becomes new era of darkness. The Knights of Solamnia throughout Ansalon go into hiding as their fortresses are taken one by one. A Bounty for the capture of Solamnic Knights is issued by the Lord Commanders of the Dark Knights, and many Knights are captured by the Dark Knights and never seen again.

It has been a time of strife, and a new war has begun up in the skies. Dragons fighting dragons as all eyes are turned upward. The Dragon Overlords destroy everything in their path, and no dragons or towns are safe. The Dragon Purge has begun. It is during this time that a Captain of the Solamnic Knights emerges and puts a call out to summon the Knights of Solamnia once more. A call that only a Knight of Solamnia would understand, using the code of the Order of the Rose. It has been a long time since the Knights have gathered and the summoning calls them to Sanction, a port city surrounded by the Three Lords of Doom. So called for the three live volcanoes that spew lava in rivers that surround the port city.

Could it be a trap of the Dark Knights making, or is there a great need to bring the Knights of Solamnia together once more in response to fight some great evil... only by traveling to Sanction will the answer be known...

Game Description:

The Fifth Age

The Age of Mortals

The Fourth Age has come to and end with the War of Chaos ending with the defeat of the God Chaos. Ansalon has suffered with some claiming another Catacylsm in the wake of the Chaos War. Chaos' Red Dragons have laid waste northern Solamnia and Daemons have terrorised the lands for over a decade.

The Gods have paid a heavy price, for even as they have destroyed Chaos, so too have they been mysteriously taken from the world. The Fifth Age begins after the storm of Chaos' passing, when the storm cleared the skies were strange as the three moons and constellations of the Gods had vanished. A single moon remained amidst strange new constellations of stars.

This was to be the Fifth Age, a time where magic and the Gods influence on Krynn has diminished. A time for Mortals to take control and shape a new age for Ansalon through the dark tyranny of five new powerful Dragons that have arrived and causing much destruction throughout the region. Wizards and Sorcerors cling on to the magic of old, while others embrace a new form of magic... called mysticism.

It is a time where the spirits of the dead continue to wander the realms instead of journeying to the afterlife.

The metallic dragons have gone on a mighty quest in search of the lost Gods of Good. Those that stay to help out the good peoples of Krynn are mercilessly hunted by the Five new chromatic dragons. Much bigger and more powerful dragons that have come into the world, gaining the title of Dragon Overlords as they vanquish Krynn's dragons and take over large regions as their own. New Dragonspawned creatures emerge from the regions of the Dragon Overlords.

Will the new Dragon Overlords finally destroy the peoples of Krynn, and launch a new era of dragonspawn and draconians, or will the mortals find a way to survive the Fifth Age.

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Originally Posted by Qstor View Post
what classes are in the party now? Did you have room for another?
starting gold? Characters are 10th level? if we make a knight can we take levels in the PrC?

Originally Posted by Qstor View Post
starting gold? Characters are 10th level? if we make a knight can we take levels in the PrC?
Drop by the forum, most of these questions are answered there.

There are indeed...but then again, this is set in my favorite of the DnD universes, so turning aside from it isn't easy.

Originally Posted by Qstor View Post
I'm going to bow out. Looks like there's plenty of applicants already.
Newp. No such thing. Never enough.

....As long as you're applying with a knight and not competing with me for one of the auxiliary positions...


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