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Additional Players Needed for A New Nation (5e)

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Additional Players Needed for A New Nation (5e)

A New Nation - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A New Nation looking for additional characters. There are two players who have been around since the beginning, but I'd like a larger party, so I'm looking for some add-ons. Please consider if you'll actually stick around before applying. It would be nice to have a consistent party.

Character Creation: Anything from the Players Handbook is allowed. If you're not human, you're probably not native to Hilbensal, so feel free to explain your background any way you want. We'll be using a point buy system (27 points). The characters originally started at 1st level but new players will start with the same XP as the current players. At the moment, the players have 2352 experience points, so expect to be at 3rd level.
We will be using the option to take feats.

Most Needed Classes: A rogue is the most needed class, but decisions will be made based on the quality of the application and my confidence that the player will stick around.

Religion/Gods: Hilbensal is a diverse blend of native and foreign cultures where numerous religions are found. You can worship any god, from another campaign, to ancestor worship, to nature worship, to your own invented pantheon, to real, existing religions. Ancroix's religion, for instance, is a loose translation of Christianity. If you're going to be a divine caster, I just ask that you choose the appropriate domains from the PHB that fit with whatever god you see yourself worshipping.

Magic: Both arcane and divine magic are quite rare. This won't affect what class you choose, but it may affect your ability to, for instance, replace lost spell books. People may be in awe of you, as well, which could work for or against you depending on the situation.

Posting Rate: I tend to post slow but I post reliably. Usually, I post at least once a week, often more regularly than that, but my job means my posting rate can fluctuate, especially if highly detailed posts are required from me. If you would like to join, please be able to post at least once a week. Even if it's slow, you can be confident I won't drop the game, as it's lasted three years now.

Game Style: I'm more of a role-player. You might encounter NPCs who are arrogant jerks, elf-hating racists, religious zealots and lying cheats. This is not a combat heavy game, but more of a story.

Story So Far: The party, a group of mercenaries, has uncovered a cannibal cult in the hills. It's leader, who self-styled himself a god, escaped, the cannibals turned on each other, and the party themselves escaped. They reported news of the cannibal cult to the king, who tasked them to investigate rumors that a murderer named Garthime had fled from Ancroix and may have come to the Hilben port town of Brevisa. A group of Ancroillaise travelers, led by Pere Chretien and Mere Purete, were heading to Brevisa to take a boat back to Ancroix and offered to pay the party to protect them while traveling there. Whil accompanying the Ancroillaise, the party uncovered evidence of a second cult (not a cannibal cult this time but an earth elemental cult), entered that cult's temple, freed some slaves, and escaped the temple although they left the cult leaders alive. The party is now accompanying the freed slaves and some others to a port to return them home. At the moment, the party has just stumbled upon a group of cannibals who just slaughtered a village.

To apply: Post your application in this thread. It's a good idea to PM me with your interest.

Acceptance: I'm looking for three more players. I'll start accepting applications on May 17. If I have to pick from a large group, your character description, background and playing/writing style will be what I'm considering. Once I have three accepted applications, I will stop accepting new applications regardless of the date. Either way, I'll close the ad on May 31 and not accept any new applications after that.

Game Description:

For 1000 years and across 1000 miles the purple banners of Essalim have flown over their empire. For 400 years they have flown over the small corner of the world known as Hilbensal, until the unthinkable happened 5 years ago.

There had never before been a people or a nation that made up Hilbensal. United only as an administrative unit within the Essalite Empire, the Hilben found their first common purpose in opposing the corruption of the colonial governor. When the local Essalite general Auderat Bersandi and his 10000 man army joined the rebels, it looked as if independence could come. But what would come were 5 years of chaos; mercenaries hired by both sides ran amuck victimizing the local population as often as they fought each other.

Bersandi and his army occupied the old Uhr Keep built by Essalim to protect against bandits and barbarians, it looked as if the Hilben were safe from invasion. The mighty Essalite navy threatened the coast, but with no Hilben navy to face they were useless. This left the former colonists free to try and stabilize their nation, but success in creating order has been spotty at best. Finding a true system of justice has been the most difficult administrative problem for the young nation. In it absence, bounty hunters have been employed to keep the order and find lawbreakers.

Six months ago, an army of 40,000 marched north from Essalim under the command of Tribune Atrox. Outnumbering Bersandiís men 4 to 1 and better equipped, it looked like Hilbensalís brief experiment in independence was doomed. Somehow, Bersandi managed to push the larger army into tight quarters, forcing them to engage in the narrow spit of land connecting it to the continent. Ignorant of the lay of the land and rushing to engage before winter fell, Atrox fell into Bersandiís trap and his army was destroyed. The land bridge where he was defeated has now been re-dubbed Atroxes Neck to honor both his folly and his beheading. No further invasion followed. It looks as if independence is truly here.

You are a band of bounty hunters. Perhaps you are one of Hilbensal's human natives, or perhaps you are one of the many foreigners of all races brought here in hopes of glory and a payday. Either way, you and your compatriots are all the fledgling nation has to keep order. It's a homebrew world but one I've barely created, so feel free to use creativity in your character background (with the proviso that I'm imagining Dark Ages Earth).

This is a 5th edition D&D game set in a homebrew world. I'm hoping for good role-players. I'm new to 5th edition and not a rules horse by nature, so you may have to bear with my fumbling through the 5th edition rules.

Game application


Grrz Bloodeye
Half-Orc Fighter

AC 14 HP 30 Speed 30ft
Perception 10

Str 17 (+3) Dex 13 (+1) Con 15 (+2) Int 8 (-1) Wis 10 (+0) Cha 12 (+1)

Battle axe +5 1d8+1
Battle axe (offhand) +5 1d8+1

Relentless Endurance
Savage Attacks
Fighting Style
Second Wind

Dual Wielder

If there was beauty in the spectacle of black carrion birds circling against the purpling, pink-cloud sunset sky, it was lost on Grrz. His only concern just then was the hunger gnawing at his belly, and the hope that the scavengers had left some meat behind on whatever was dead. In truth—unlike most of his kind—Grrz could appreciate beauty, or something resembling it: the elegant arc of crimson gore trailing in battle-thick air from the edge of his axe, pulled back for another strike; the secret melody hidden in the driving tattoo of war drums; the shriek-gurgle-gasp-rattle poetry of a foe’s final breath. The world was filled with beauty, most of it found in the peculiar clarity of the fog of war. But just then, there was only hunger.

He shouldered past trees, through brambles, up a rise, down a ravine, across a creek. The day was failing rapidly, and the intermittent forest canopy overhead only shared selfish glimpses of the swirling buzzards. But he was close enough now to do without the visual. He could smell the blood. He could hear the snarling, the crunching of bone. Wolves were at the carcass. Then the clearing came into view.

Dismay fell upon him with a groan, answered by a gurgle from his gut. The wolves’ feast was of the human variety, and he wasn’t nearly hungry enough to resort to something that close to cannibalism. But it was the trio of goblins advancing, crude weapons brandished, upon the terrified woman and her child that made the bile rise in his throat. “Defending the innocent on an empty stomach,” he thought, pulling the axes from his belt. “I hope she knows how to cook goblin.”

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How about adding an option to steer with paddles, or would that make it too easy? Great work, btw
Was this meant for a different thread?

Complete, can you please check it over, thanks

Inyoni of Turmish
Human (Variant) Bard (lore), Soldier
AC: 18 | HP: 21 / 21 | Inititive: +3 | Perception: 14 | Status: Normal
4x1st 2x2nd

Inyoni is a strong woman, capable of wrestling with the best of them (expertise in athletics, plus enhanced ability spell). Decked out in Turmish scale and shield, she was often seen on the battlefield with either a longsword or grabbing and punching, defending the standards that flew from her back mounts sashimono style. A veteran of the Neck, she has seen combat in many battles over the last few years, she believes in the new land, and will fight with those who wish to keep the fledgling nation from falling.

"I was there at the Neck. Bersandi’s 12th legion" Inyoni takes a swig from her pewter tankard, you can see that it is old and battered and has a large dent in it, your amazed that it still hold liquid, let alone anyone can drink from it. She stands no more than a couple of inches over five foot, but she looks fierce. her face marked with tattoos that you've been told represent death and remembrance.

"that was a bloody few days and nights of fierce fighting, and we were way, way of to the right flank overlooking the cliffs on the landward edge of the neck" she takes another swig, the firelight from the campfire casts orange and red shadows across her ebony skin. Her armour although old and in a style that your not aware of, it is well looked after, a longsword and long knife sit at her side in a double frog scabbard that the scouts and mobile strike teams favour. her shield plain and unadorned now, rests by her greaved legs.

"Hark! I hear the foe advancing..." she suddenly starts to sing in a low melodic voice, others join in the song, taking up where she has paused.

"Barbed steeds are proudly prancing," more and more of the camp join in the singing

"Helmets in the sunbeams glancing
Glitter through the trees."
she sings, pausing to take a swig of drink.
As all around you hear the camp continue singing...

"Folk of Hilbensal, lie ye dreaming?
See ye not their falchions gleaming,
While their pennons gaily streaming
Flutter in the breeze?"
the camp continues the song. Inyoni walks amongst the soldiers, resting her hand on one or two and giving others a nod in recognition. You can see the fatigue and weariness leave the bodies of the soldiers be they human, dwarf, half-orc or any other race as she passes around the campfires.

The song continues all around you, the moral of the troops being lifted by this song. She turns to you and looks you straight in the eye "Remember you are a warrior, someone who doesn't want to fight, but will so that those they protect can live the life they are meant to. not some scrapper who just wants to fight for fighting's sake. " she looks into her now empty tankard "This land, these people who we fight for, be it for the coin, for an ideal, for whatever reason, should be treated justly." she looks again at her empty tankard. "I seem to be out of ale, let's go get another one. I feel the night is just beginning..."


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