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Explorers and Treasure Hunters Needed

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Explorers and Treasure Hunters Needed

The Call of Stone and Wood - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

This is going to be a laid-back game, 1 post a week is expected but no one is going to be upset if you go longer. Im going to try to design encounters to accommodate different party sizes, so if a particular lead doesn't strike your fancy then splitting the party will be ok.

Please make a Creation post in the Characters folder in the game forum.

Game Description:

The time of the Gods winds down. All over the realms of men, elves and dwarves, the ideological battles that once raged have been decided - at least well enough that all involved have grown tired of waging war. While the powers that be broker tenuous peace in the outer realms, the mundane world remembers the time before such ambitions.

Grand roads once split through dark and foreboding forests, and great rivers were spanned by bridges armies could cross at full phalanx. Serene meadows had been trampled into dusty staging grounds for innumerable conflicts. But not now.

Now the city folk withdraw to safety as the old growth retakes what was once its own. Roads have cracked and bridges crumbled while the verdant spaces thrive with dangerous and mysterious life. Many great works have been abandoned to this fate, but there are those who seek to prove themselves - by taming the wilds and returning with relics, either for the fame it brings or the favor of some noble or another, or simply to show they can.

You are one of these explorers, how you make your name is up to you.

I'm interested in playing. Will be posting something real soon!

Hi, @Wulfnor. I think you need to post your character application in the Characters folder of the game, not in this thread.

I see this ad, and am interested in it...hopefully I can get around to making a character.

@MissAttributed sventug was a poster that had some weird posts, they seem to be all deleted from where they once were....sorry for the confusion

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