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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Suggestion for Pathfinder Sheet (Standard & probably Experimental):

* Add additional column in the Other Possession category for Price

At the moment it has Item, Weight (lbs) and Loc

Really looking forward to the pathfinder 2e sheet! Your character sheets have always been wonderful!

Well, I just tried to go back to the 3.5 sheet, and I'm finding the skill menu is really messed up. I've got my class set as Bard, and it keeps forgetting what stat is linked to Perform and Profession. And forgetting which skills were class and which are not. And when I try to update CC, I get this puzzling error: "Failed to resolve the following skills:
, , , , , , , , , , "

Pathfinder 2e update - got the layout all in, I need to review the spells rules to ensure I've got the fields all set up correctly, and then start working on some autocalc for it.


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