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Level 13 dragon gish...divine might or 3 fighter feats?

Level 13 dragon gish...divine might or 3 fighter feats?

Anyone actually played a mid-high level cleric? I am debating swapping a racial feature that lets me rage and adds cleric spells to my sorcerer spell list, for a racial feature that gives me about three fighter bonus feats. I'm wondering how often clerics actually cast Divine Might in practice.

This is, I should mention for D&D 3.5, where the character in question is a level 15 gestalt with enough level buyoff to knock him down to 13.

Most Clericzillas have Divine Might running by virtue of DMM: Persistent Spell. It's probably worth the action to cast if you don't have full BAB and certainly if you can find a way to Quicken it. But blowing a standard action just for the strength boost probably isn't worth it.

The value of feats depends a lot on your build and how many you already have access to. What three were you thinking?

Probably offload Power Attack, Flyby and Great Flyby onto those feats and free a couple of feats up for some bard-themed feats like maybe Song of the Heart, Dragonfire Inspiration and Melodic Casting. Currently have Song of the White Raven and Pouncing Charge, so I would then Swift Dragonfire Inspiration +9d6 of sonic damage on my dragon and either kill everything in a 200-foot line, or Pounce for five attacks.

On the other hand, divine might gives my dragon a sixth attack (the tail sweep) as well as a +4 size bonus to str, but I don't have any way to make it a swift action or persist it.

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