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"Time Master" Campaign Setting? (PEACH)

"Time Master" Campaign Setting? (PEACH)

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I've recently read the "Time Master" Trilogy by Louise Cooper (I'm aware of several prequel books, and possible sequel books of the series, but haven't gotten my paws on any of them), so what follows is based on the "Time Master" books. I'm not sure if any other system would be better for this purpose, but I'm hoping there is a few people out there who've read the books and can make some suggestions.

Basic Backstory: The Gods of Chaos (8 in total) have been banished from the land from most of human history-the castle at the Star Penisula is one of the only artifacts left behind from Chaos-the other being the Warp Storms and the Faanari (see Bestiary). One of the Chaos Gods is charged with creating a hole to which the other 7 gods can come through. This god-turned mortal agreed, with one expense-his memory of who he was, although he has a great amount of power. Part of his soul and his power were forged into his Soul Stone.

General heirarchy of the land (ruled by three and equal level of power, etc):
1.Lady Matriarch->Lady Sisters (who rule the individual Sister Cots)->Sisters of Aeoris
2.High Initiate->Adepts Ranked 5-7->Circle of Adepts (alternatively Circle of Initiates)
------->Religious/Moral/Ethics/Knowledge/Arcane Knowledge
3.High Margrave->Margrave

Classes applying to the above:
Sisters of Aeoris- I'm kind of torn between Clerics (as provided in the PHB) and the Mystics in the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Both would work, I think..
Margraves- Aristocrat or Noble (Dragonlance Campaign setting) classes
Initiates- Sorcerer/Clerics (NPCs would be Adept/Clerics). Note: Sorcerer Levels must equal or exceed levels in Cleric. None have familars, however most adopted the feral telepathic cats who inhabit Star Penisula. See Initate Heirarchy below.

Initiate Heirarchy (NPCs would advance 2 levels slower in the Heirarchy):
Level 1: Novice
Level 2: First Ranked Adept
Level 4: Second Ranked Adept
Level 6: Third Ranked Adept
Level 8: Fourth Ranked Adept
Level 11: Fifth Ranked Adept
Level 14: Sixth Ranked Adept
Level 17: Seventh Ranked Adept

Any one who is predisposed to Magical talent (and made known) are usually taken to the Adepts. Any woman shown with any talent (including fortunetelling or any foreseeing) are immediately taken to the Sisterhood, unless the woman is from superstitious areas, such as the Great Eastern Flatlands Province or Wishet Province.
There are 16 Gods in Total, 3 of which are actually given names. They are exact polar opposites. All of the Gods of Good resemble Aeoris; the Gods of Chaos resemble Yandros, however, Yandros and Tarod are supposed to be twin brothers-Yandros having pale hair and ever-changng eye color, Tarod has black hair and green eyes, both having a "sharp" features, often described as a feline appearance. I am not sure I have the list of gods correct or not. The book refers to Tarod as "Time," not "Time and Space," however Aeoris calls his brothers saying, "Time and Space, Life and Death, Earth, Air, Fire and Water"

Gods of Good:
Alignment-Good/Law, rarely Chaotic, never Evil
Symbol: Lightning Bolt
  1. Aeoris "The White Lord"
  2. Time and Space
  3. Life and Death
  4. Earth
  5. Air
  6. Fire
  7. Water

Gods of Chaos:
Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral, sometimes Evil, rarely Law or Good
Symbol: 7 rayed Star/Starburst
  1. Yandros
  2. Tarod (Time and Space)
  3. Life and Death
  4. Earth
  5. Air
  6. Fire
  7. Water

There are no unusual monsters (such as dragons, goblins and the like), and the only race are Humans. There are only two animals of great notation, both are on Feline-one general note and one more specific.
*All felines are all telepathic. The domesticated felines are sometimes adopted by Adepts at Star Penisula (there is an unusually large population on the Star Peninsula, for some reason).
*Faanari are Sea Cats, and like their cousins on land, are also telepathic. They have strange songs (similar to the Siren's songs) and will help most humans who have telepathic abilities and whom they've taken a liking to, such as Cyllan in "The Outcast". They are generally Chaotic in nature, therefore their alignment changes to "Any Chaotic".

I'd love to have any feedback, and any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

I realize there probably aren't a lot of people familar with the books, but does it make sense at least?

I was using Google to remember how to spell the hated Aeoris' name, and ran across this.

First off, there are 7 gods on either side, not 8; thus the 7 pointed star. Second, Yandros is the god of (life and) death, Tarod is the god of Time only, and the god of Space changes in the third trilogy; for this time period the god is unnamed. (Not gonna spoiler here)

As for Aeoris not being evil, I would argue he is Lawful Nuetral bordering on evil. His first appearance is to be a God with no capability of understanding, remorse, and a desire to destroy anything that displeases him. This doesn't change in any of the other 2 trilogy's I have read (prequel and sequel). He is even capable of deceit if it means weakening Chaos, and his rigid determination to Order makes him utterly narrow and unable to see the wisdom of balance that Tarod decided to try.

Tarod *IS* chaotic good, Yandros is chaotic nuetral but willing to be swayed by Tarod easily as his favorite brother.

I have not read the books, but now I am going to look them up. This sounds like a great cosmology for a campaign world.

I don't think it beats the record yet...but damn...this thread is 9 years old. I think Anesthetia could have used the feedback a long time ago.

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