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How Many House Rules Are You Willing to Read?

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How much house rules text are you willing to read before deciding on applying?
Anything beyond a single character guideline post and I'm not reading it. 6 7.23%
A list of changes, and maybe one or two major new rules with full explanation. 33 39.76%
Up to half an hour of reading, after that my eyes glaze over. 10 12.05%
I'll read through as much as you can write, as long as it's well formatted and stays interesting. 31 37.35%
I wouldn't be interested in this at all, I just like responding to polls. 3 3.61%

That's something I didn't think about. I'm a lot more tolerant of character creation house rules than I am of mechanics changes. If I only need to read it once to figure out how to build the character but then everything is baked into the character sheet, it's much easier than if it's something you have to remember to apply on a regular basis.

I'm new (and have yet to play a single game in person or via pbp). That said, I'll read lots if it's well written, although that doesn't mean I'll /like/ lots of changes. Changes for the sake of change make things harder to follow, especially for someone new like me who is already somewhat overwhelmed by the vast amount of source material out there for some of these systems.

If the game and setting interests me though, I'd totally be willing to listen to idea though, at the least. In the one game I've applied for thus far, there are a few house rules. I can't give an informed opinion on how they'd positively or negatively impact stuff due to my lack of experience, but they seem reasonable and beneficial on the whole.

As a huge fan of houserules and creating characters, I'm willing to put up with a lot IF (and only if) I agree with what the changes are trying to accomplish. (Balance, speeding up gameplay, etc) Simple write-ups that include short explanations describing your intentions are good. Who knows, maybe a player's input will help you streamline some of the rules further.

Epic can be a PITA because there are simply too many ways for players to sneak up on you.

It really depends greatly, and I find myself being somewhat hypocritical in this regard, as my house-ruled version of Star Wars Saga Edition (for example) has essentially rewritten the entirety of the game, and is some 450 or so pages in length.

I much prefer large sweeping changes over entire areas of the game (ranging from small areas like "how consumable items are tracked" to "how experience works") than adjusting individual rules for different feats, powers or the like. The former are easier to internalize and remember, the latter require constant referral and checking if that one thing you decided to pick has been changed.

In addition, adding new rules is much easier to internalize than changing existing ones. Having explanations of why the rules are in place are also very helpful, as they provide a direct feed to their overall intentions.

The problem here, is that 3.5 is already heavy laden with rules. House rules have to use a light touch on that system to do any real good. If you start slapping down doctrines in an attempt to convert 3.5 into a more rules light system, you open the door for conflicting rules, redundant logic, and worse broken characters.

I learned early on to use a very light hand with house rules and keep a wary eye on home brews in 3.5. Customizing the game works a lot better in more rules light systems, or even systems that lean harder on Rule 0, like 4E or 5E.

3.5 definitely needs some house rules Bc so many things are broken, especially at higher levels. The problem with house rules is they can have ripple aleffects on many aspects of the system mechanics so GM has to be willing to discuss them and make course corrections along the way.

The biggest problem you are going to have is the gamers that you will attract with these buzzwords “Epic Level 3.5”. Cue the power gamers that specifically try to break the system with their witch’s brew combinations and then will destroy the game with their arguments about why their character can’t do everything a God can do. My strong advice is to recruit the players you like and trust that enjoy role playing over their superpower build. Get your group together then discuss with them openly the House Rules you want to make.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Yeah, DMs who aren't willing to discuss stuff are the worst.
Lol Fred, almost as bad as people who have no idea how argumentative they can be, no matter how intelligent and articulate they are


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