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Getting the Band Together

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Getting the Band Together

Getting the Band Together - Forum

Please see below for all relevant information.

Game Description:

The premise of this game is going to be very similar to the items in Nicholas Eames excellent books Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose.

You will form a band of monster hunters and glory seekers, commissioned by the city of Caluth to venture out in to the Wilds and bring back "entertainment" for the masses. Caluth is a border town...on the border of civilization that is. Located far to the North, near the arboreal crown of the world it is the last habitable (for humans and demi-humans) port that far north. It lies in a moon around the Feriz Bay, looking out at the Crown and the Spire, the forest and mountains of the north. The city has grown large, decadent, and rough.

Recently a new Trading Company came in to town, the Black Spire Trading Company, and set up a coliseum in the city. Their purpose, to entertain the masses of people who live in Caluth, and aspire to escape from their every day drudgery. To that end they've put out a call to the Bands, come to Caluth, bring us monsters both fierce and mighty, and we will reward you with riches and fame beyond your wildest dreams.

It sounds good, you're damn right it does. It's just that, well, it's dangerous up here, and the first four bands came back in pieces, not at all, or as undead retribution from something in the Crown. The Black Spire Company is down, they haven't had a full event in the Coliseum yet, and they're rapidly bleeding money and interest. This is it, their last gasp, last chance at their dream...and your first chance at yours.


Character Build:
28-point buy
4th level characters
5,000gp (no individual piece of equipment over 3k)
Races and Classes - I prefer the standard ones, but have the books and will entertain ideas about the non-standard ones
No LR adjusted races

Looking for 4 players most likely, and the willingness to bear with me running a Pathfinder game here. :)

Side Note: I'll be a bit out of touch over this upcoming weekend, but I wanted to get this out there.

That's the class and archetype I wanted to play, but I think only three sources (excluding Summoner's Handbook) are allowed? I asked about the Summoner and the DM was worried about power creep.

If you're into summons and beastly companions, I also asked about the Courtly Hunter and the Boon Companion feat, but am assuming they're both disallowed until told otherwise - they're also from other sources.

Yeah, sorry guys. I should've laid out more clearly. This is my first go-around with Pathfinder, and as I'm finding out, there's a TON of stuff out there. In an effort to fight power-creep, this early on, I'm trying to limit things to just Advanced Class, Advanced Race, and Core.

So... no Guntank then? XD, no Guntank.

In reading through the Pathfinder stuff, I'm reminded again about how out of control D&D 3.5 could get if you allowed in all of the supplements and books and extras. Pathfinder can definitely spiral out of control like that.

I'm closing applications and going through them right now. Game should start on Monday, I'll announce the accepted players today!


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