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PF NPC "challenge": Kobold Wererat Druids

PF NPC "challenge": Kobold Wererat Druids

My players are Level 8, but one of them is a boss-slayer (took out a CL 11 nearly single-handedly in one shot (the only help he had was the other players acting as meat-shields until his turn)), so I need a big fight, but with more, and smaller, monsters. Since the old Druid leader, an Elder Worg, is out of the picture, his second in command is stepping up. And he's brought friends.

It'd save me a bunch of time (I can't decide anything, and it takes me days to stat out anything, even oneshots) if somebody could whip up some Kobold Wererat Druids that I could use in force against my players. They'll be taking on a team of them on in the woods, and might eventually be storming the warren as well.

Not using RAW, either, so if you want to give them something that just makes sense (Say, for example, the "Swarming" Racial Feature from Ratfolk) and makes them gimmicky and memorable, go ahead. CR whatever you'd like. I doubt you'll be able to make Kobold Wererat Druids too small (and if so, I'll just use more of them), and anything too big I'll save for a later encounter or a boss battle.

(Of course, I also need a boss; a named NPC who is also a Kobold Wererat Druid. He's just the strongest one. If you want to toss out a stat sheet for him, too, that'd be great!)

New rules! Since the last bit was "anything goes" as far as the NPC build, let me go a step farther and challenge you to design a memorable encounter with this lot! The leader is a Kobold Wererat Druid that the players have met on peaceful terms, so keep that in mind.

Do they all need to be Druids? Or would simple Kobold Wererats as mooks make more sense? Like, Rogues or something, all flanking and sneak-attacking in hybrid wererat form.

It might. A druid's circle-- where any classed members would be druids-- made more sense to me from a story perspective.
I also strongly considered having them all wild-shaped into Chickens, and making the player characters do a "catch all the chickens" encounter before they suddenly shapechange in the PCs' arms and attack.

Perhaps it's truly an Encounter challenge!

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