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Stat Blocks for Three Beasts

Stat Blocks for Three Beasts

System is Dark Heresy 1st edition. I'm trying to get together some stats for three creatures on Fedrid that my players may or may not run into and could use some help / advice. Most all the Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader books are available to me.

Stars of Inequity (Rogue Trader) page 34 - 38 has a good quick generation method for creatures.

Using Stars of Inequity, I'd probably do the following:
Althak would probably be an Apex Predator with the Cunning Stalker nature.
Sa'vak would probable be a Behemoth with the Impossible Grace nature and tacking on Deadly Ambusher nature from Shadow Stalker.
I'd maybe stat Tree - Jumper as a Shadow Stalker with the Deadly Ambusher nature. I'd probably give it a custom special ability to allow it to move through trees and foliage at their full movement bonus to represent their ability to jump from tree to tree or give them a limited Flyer trait that requires them to land at the end of their movement.

Thanks for that. The Rogue Trader books I haven't looked through thoroughly with regards to the gm sections, and Stars of Inequity is one I haven't really looked through at all. I very much appreciate the advice.

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