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War for the Crown

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War for the Crown

War for the Crown - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

You have seen the lie for what it is:
Taldor is Decaying.

A proud, brilliant lion no longer, its ragged fur hides aging bones and wheezing lungs. There’s blood on its breath. It lives for a lack of predators: Cheliax fights rebellion within its borders; armies of hobgoblins, demons, and giants cause strife across northern Avistan; Andoran struggles to keep its banner of democracy held high; only Qadira leers close, still afraid of the lion’s powerful teeth and tearing claws.

Taldor’s decay has a face: Grand Prince Stavian III, reigning Emperor of Taldor. Wearer of the Primogen Crown, his white-knuckled grip on the Lion Throne in absolute, but cursed. His son, Carrius II died 19 years ago in an equestrian accident, leaving only his daughter - Princess Eutropia - who, due to Taldor’s laws of inheritance, cannot claim the throne. Though time - and politics - may change that fact.

Being a true Taldan, your life has driven you towards a singular goal: with enough guile, enough strength, enough political manipulation or forceful negotiation, you can do your part to save Taldor. You’ve a big enough chip on your shoulder to pull it off.

Your life has led you to the city of Oppara, Taldor’s shining capital. Home to its Emperor, the senate, and representatives from all major houses. Oppara is Taldor’s beating heart. From city streets to docks, tea-rooms, and theatres, it thrums with excitement and intrigue.

You have attracted the attention of a patron: Lady Martella Lotheed. A distant member of the respected Lotheed family, Martella’s interest in you represents a considerable political advantage, given her expertise and knowledge regarding high-society Taldor, and you have finally proven yourself worthy enough that she has promised a difficult - yet rewarding - assignment to you. An assignment that will let you rub shoulders with senators, nobles, possibly even see the Emperor himself. Better figure out what to wear!

First, credit goes to Ubiquitous on the Paizo forums. The Player's Guide has not released, but Ubiquitous has an excellent fan-made one that has some great information on it.

I am looking for 4 players to give the new Paizo AP War for the Crown a shot. I would like one post a day, weekends optional. The first book has quite a bit of social encounters, so it feels tailor-made for a play by post format.

Fully created characters are not required. What I want is a character profile -- who is your character, what is her background and history, and what brings her to Oppara. You can be as detailed as you like -- the more information I have, the better choice I can make. Please feel free to work together to create linked histories.

The link to the game forum is below. Please create your own thread in the Character Submission thread.


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The player’s guide! Finally!

I might make an app for this, I’ll have to check the guide first, but I have high hopes for this.

Very happy to see this up here.
Really have a lot of good ideals for this adventure path!

Awesome! I saw the AP recently and it looks great, but it's good to know that there's actually a Player's Guide now.

I don't see character creation rules anywhere. Am I missing them? Must be, since other people have created characters...


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