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Call all brave knights of Salisbury

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Call all brave knights of Salisbury

The Rise and Fall of Arthur Pendragon - Forum

In might a man, a youth in years,
Of boisterous valour,
Swift long-maned steeds
Under the thigh of a handsome youth …
Quicker to a field of blood
Than to a wedding
Quicker to the ravens' feast
Than to a burial,

- Y Gododdin

It is the year of our Lord 485 and Logres is threatened by Saxon invaders. Uther the Pendragon leads the fight against these invaders but he can't do it before, that need the sword and faith of the brave knights of his loyal lords.

Knights like yourself.

(images by Remton)

Brave knights of old.
Things are dark right now with the kingdom threatened by invaders, but you are knights and committed to the defence of the lands and it's people. You descendants will one day stand beside Arthur Pendragon.

A saga for the ages... or not
The story of Pendragon is a sprawling epic covering eighty years and I'd love to do the entire Grand Campaign up till the death of Arthur. But I know how the Weave can be, so the plan is simple we will do a single year - adventure and winter phase. After that, we'll see how people feel if there are enough to continue then another year if not we close the story and go our separate ways.

Life is what happens
People have busy lives and I understand it, often I don't have the time and energy to post myself. So all I ask is that people post at least once a week if you can't please let us know so people are left waiting.

Character Creation

You will need to create three characters, all part of the same family.
  • You main is recently knighted and in care of a manor in Sailbury
  • A younger brother old enough to take the mantle if the main knight will fall.
  • A younger married brother who can pass on the families legacy

The first two will need to be created fully, the younger doesn't need more than a name and a wife. The character will be created using 5th Edition Character Creation rules, I'm using 5.2 but any version can work and even 4th.

Put you character here and any question can be asked in this thread.

Advert will close around the 23rd April.

Game Description:

It's 485 AD and Uther Pendragon rules Logres.

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." -Douglas Adams
I'm perfectly fine if you want to read along, and just chat away as well.

Is it too late to make an app for this game?

Nope we're open till the 23rd April-ish.

I'd love to throw my hat into the ring again. I got a bit distracted with RL stuff when you started things up.

No worries, glad to have you back.

Well I would love to apply but I can't format anything on this site is s*** so I can't and that sucks for me.

Throwing my hat in as well, if there's still time. Might know a couple others from another Pendragon game I'm in who would want to join as well, if you're looking for more. Glad to see another KAP game on the weave!

Y'know at one point I was worried if I'd get enough people to even run this game, so I'm happy that so many have a (directed) passion for Pendragon!

Originally Posted by TiffanyKorta View Post
Y'know at one point I was worried if I'd get enough people to even run this game, so I'm happy that so many have a (directed) passion for Pendragon!
I've noticed that a lot of people feel like this about every game that isn't PF/5e. And yet, I've never seen a game failing to start for lack of interest in the system!
Admittedly, I'm only tracking games that interest me, so it's possible that this might have happened with systems I simply don't care about.


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