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4 New People in a Brave New World...

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4 New People in a Brave New World...

To Tame a Realm - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Your night starts like any other. This is the only similarity between you all: Some of you are young adolescents dreaming of becoming adventurers, others, grizzled veterans of campaigns and battles long past, others still exiles and tribalisms in unknown and distant lands…
You rest your head on a pillow (or a cobblestone block, depending on your lifestyle) and drift off to sleep, and weird dreams that, though you don’t remember much, leaves a lingering smell of brimstone and sulfur gas…

…and here you are. In an unknown land, the sky above you clear and blue. It appears to be approaching midday, and you find yourselves in a big field of tall grass. Behind you, a solid, 7 foot monolith that glows a faint blue. It doesn’t appear to have been carven, but runes remain on it from a time long past…
...and then you look down. Some of you may look like yourself, others, not so much. All of you are roughly 18 years old, or the racial equivalent--and dressed in stark white clothing.
Strewn in front of you are 4 backpacks, and one weapon; a weapon that you’re accustomed to.
Your adventure is before you—for you to decide.
What do you do?

Oh crikey I forgot I had an account—
Hello, everyone, my name's Awkward Bullhorn, and welcome to the start of a new universe—most of which will be under your control!
 You are set in a new, unknown land strewn with monsters and strange, unexplored lands—by your eyes, anyway.
I’m looking for 2 parties of 4 adventurers. You can apply for 4 roles for each party:
The Tank. Nigh-Invulnerable and Thick-Skulled, you’ll charge your way through hordes of monsters, leaving a wake of destruction in your path.
The DPS. Weaving through the opposing force, you’ll deal almost infinite damage, tearing the enemy apart from the inside out!
The Magic User. Whether Elemental, Enchanting, or just plain Strange, you’ll be able to blast your enemies into rubble with a flick of your wrist!
The Ranged Weapon User. Y’know Hawkeye? Y’know how everybody hated him? And then he proved them wrong? You can prove them wrong! Fire arrows and bolts against the enemy, getting to them before they get to you!

My due date for all applications (flat out, no extensions) is April 21st. I’ll choose 2 parties of you, made up of one of each of those archetypes.
Happy applying, feel free to ask questions, and hope this piques your interest!

Awkward Bullhorn


Game Description:

4 new people in an unknown land...that is your beginning.
Your end is otherwise unknown...what do you do?

Looong nights, impossible odds...
The problem is that I don't know how to exactly do an application do I just post my char sheet here or there is more to it?

(Sorry I'm new in this)

It's fine. If you go onto the forum (The link's just under my puggy mug), there's a folder named "Applications." Check the requirements and the template, and post a thread for your application.


Do I NEED to put my sheet in the little box that appears on the application thing or can I put the link on the message itself?
Cuz I can't put the sheet in that box

Just to point out one small thing, to get technical.

When you state. 4 Backpacks and ONE weapon. I assume you mean 1 weapon per person? Not one weapon for a party of 4 to share.

Interesting concept. I may apply.


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