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Good day, and thank you for taking the time to read through this advertisement! To reward you for taking your time, I won't waste it, keeping this short and to the point!

I am currently recruiting for a Marvel (FASERIP) game set in 2018 New York (Manhattan). I am seeking 4-5 players who want to battle the forces of evil and look good in tights doing it!

This game is intended, at least at this time, as purely a one-shot adventure to test some changes I've made to the rules, not the least of which are the character creation rules. I won't say that they are perfect by any means, but I have tried to make them a bit better and a bit more balanced than what's both in the rule books and on Classic Marvel Forever. If, however, after the end of this adventure people are attached to their characters and you all think that things are wonderful, we can certainly continue.

We are going to start with one of the pre-generated adventures that was put out by TSR: After Midnight

The full set of character creation rules are at:

All characters should be created in this folder:

This advertisement will be open until April 29, 2018. And please keep in mind that if you disagree with the changes or think something else might be better, speak up! I am trying to get a ruleset in place that can be used by all!

Game Description:

While flipping through your social media feed today, you notice that one of the local TV stations has a post on their wall about yet another crime that has taken place:


Because catchy headlines grab your undivided attention, you click on the headline and half-read the story. Mostly skim. Gleaning the high points while doing any number of other things totally and unequivocally unrelated to reading a news story on social media.

Anyhow, the premise of the article is that, sometime just after midnight this past evening, a priceless book was stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art right here in Manhattan. The book, oddly titled A Madman's Mutterings, is several hundred years old and deals with topics pertaining to the supernatural and/or magical. Or maybe neither; the details of the book's actual contents are a bit sketchy in the article.

The story states that specific details of the crime, such as how it was possibly committed or any traces of evidence left behind, are being withheld at this time at the request of the museum's curator, Maximilian Pride, who has refused to give further comment. And, as you'd guess in a case like this, the police have no suspects yet.

Guess you know what this is about, and what you're about to do, huh?

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Hmmm... certainly feeling this one.

Would it be alright to apply with an edited canon character? I've been reading Immortal Iron Fist of late and would love to try playing with him. If not that than maybe one of the other Immortal Weapons?

Well, if you are rebuilding a canon character with the rules I've put forth, then it's not a canon character, is it?

With that said, I'd prefer if you not use existing canon character names, please. You never know who may or may not show up.

Originally Posted by BWS2K View Post
What is your expected post frequency?
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 times per week. Obviously, the more you post the more I can update.

Originally Posted by Popestar View Post
With that said, I'd prefer if you not use existing canon character names, please. You never know who may or may not show up.
Fair enough. I'll mull over something else then.

Originally Posted by Popestar View Post
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-3 times per week. Obviously, the more you post the more I can update.
That... is doable.

So then a follow-up: Are we required to know about any major Marvel events or are we just playing it casual (House of M, for instance, or maybe MCU stuff) and can we write origins that tie-in to other characters/organizations (having someone work for SHIELD or cured by Mr. Fantastic or something)? I don't mean to nitpick but I just want to get those questions out of the way.

I'd rather keep your ties to canon organizations to a minimum please. This is about you, not them.

I'm deeply interested in this but haven't had time yet to dive deep into the rules...things are very chaotic personally and professionally. I'll try to cobble a character together here before the end of the weekend!


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