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Recruiting Agents

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Recruiting Agents

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The relevant info is up top. Drop a line here if you're interested.

Game Description:

The Premise:

Something happened.
A city has just appeared on the West Coast of the United States. It's not that it went missing, it's just that since 1931, nobody paid any attention to it whatsoever. Almost as though by magic, everyone just ignored it, while it kept on existing, and evolving with the times. Nobody outside could see in, but the reverse wasn't true. So now, Twin Lakes is back. And those who are supposed to know about this are suddenly very, very concerned. And this is where you come in.

The Details:

System: Conspiracy X v2.0
Time: Saturdays, evening or afternoon - but the time slot is TBD
Gameplay: Roll20
Voice: Discord


Inspiration: The Secret World (the video game), Men in Black (the comic), Counterpart (the series), and The Man Who Was Thursday (the book).
Themes: Information Control, Trust No-One, Town with a Dark Secret, Conspiracy Theory, Hidden Supernatural War, Hidden Spy War

Post your interest/questions.

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