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Mechanics for Animals, Transport, and Trade

Mechanics for Animals, Transport, and Trade

This is a list of all my various mechanics and some smaller list. These are Google Docs, and I am still working on all of them. I will post on the thread when I make significant changes, but I wanted them up so people can see them and make suggestions, requests, and ask for or make clarifications.

Let me know which threads and I could delete them, although actually you might be better off just editing the first post to state that the threads are obsolete and linking to this one.

These two threads were individually about mechanics and can be deleted. Merchantry especially, since what that used to comprise of has now divided into several smaller ones

I have all of my at least semi-presentable mechanics here now. I separated Dogs and Domesticated Wyverns from the rest of the list of animals because they were taking up so much space it was distracting from the mechanic as a whole.

I eventually hope to add a Lycanthropy mechanic as well, one which gives more specific info about how becoming infected plays a role on a character as well as what can be done to fight or incorporate it. However, that is still in a VERY rough outline form. I'm trying to make it as simple as possible, yet allow for a wide range of roleplaying opportunities to those involved with an infection (someone in the party is infected, doing a quest to help someone, prepping to go up against a lycanthrope...)

I'll add these to my list to review. Thanks!

I've made lots of progress on the Wyverns. I have them divided into three "generations" of breeds: The first was actually developed while he was still an Oluk (it was a much lower budget project back then). After he became the 2nd Commander and gained access to magi they began working on the second generation. At this point, they have recently finished developing the third generation and have decided not to try for a fourth.

In the "Animals and Vehicles" doc, I just finished a major overhaul on the land vehicle list and mechanics. Any suggestions on things I should add or adjust?

I liked the vehicles stuff. Have you checked it against real world figures?

Yes, all the stats are bassed off real measurments. The larger wagons are a bit larger than was typical in real life, normally not exceeding sets of rows of 2 horses, and prefering a train of wagons divided between smaller teams rather than one giant one. But giant wagons and/or teams of more than 2 animals wide were used for things that couldnt be taken appart, or by people who wanted to flaunt their wealth, or as experiments while developing better technology and methods. I bassed the handcarts off what Mormon pioneers used when they were trecking to Utah, as they keet very detailed records about those, even doing miniature or full reinactments of the trecks for the youth who wish to try experiencing it.

The one place I didnt go to real life was the pricing, as those were FAR more varried than the actual carts and wagons. I went to the Arms and Armament book from 3.5e for general pricing references.

Oh, speeking of pricing, everything is currently measured as per the normal gold standard, copper-platinum. It's easier for me to concieve and compile these on that standard. When I completely finish a doc, I'll make a full conversion to the Farland silver standard.

Awesome! Yeah, no problem about the gold standard. If you are using 3.5e pricing, make sure to double check against the cost of horses etc. in 5e.


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