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So how does this work?

I've never had a problem with anyone reading or watching. Why? Is that uncommon?

@Raistlinmc I don't know! I'm a new player in here! Can I watch/read any campaign you are mastering? =)

Any time you see a campaign advertisement go up, 99% of the time you'll be allowed to be a Reader if you do not get added as a player. A majority of active campaigns are public, you can just about click on anyone's profile and look at the game their currently in.

If a game is private, you can't see it in their profile. So if it is in their profile, it's a game that is open to public viewing.

Sure, feel free. Here's a Rise of the Runelords game I've been GMing for just over a year now:

Here's our Lone Wolf Adventure Game that has been running since the beta in 2014:

We already have a reader. If you read back though the old adventures in "Completed Threads" you can see how the game can be played at a beginner level up to a master level (Adventure 3)

i have a question about vital strike and great cleave i know you cant combine the 2 i know there stranded actions but what i would like to know is if you say your using vital strike do you get a basic attack after that and the same with cleave do you get a basic attack after your done cleaving your enemy's

You'll be more likely to receive an answer here, in the quick questions and answers thread.


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