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For those of you who need cool dice by the fistful, just stumbled across these halfsies dice. Definitely gonna be getting a set for my irl gaming, don't know if y'all have heard of these.

I'm glad I came over to this forum and found this thread.

I have a Kickstarter in need of some optics. Not for me, but for a friend of mine who is trying to bring a new fantasy world to life through his Kickstarter. I've plugged it on my blog, but you can also click here to get it straight from the horses mouth. If you can, please support it!

Dead In The West: A Tabletop RPG Set In The Old Mythic West

31 hours left in the campaign. Character creation and progression is intriguing. Currently 70% funded and needs some help getting the rest of it.

Have you ever wanted to live out your lifelong dream of getting plastered at a house party as an anthropomorphic duck? Well now you can, thanks to Party Fowl: The Game of Drunk Ducks!

(The Kickstarter video alone is worth the click)

I've been working on a campaign book with an artist friend for a bit now, and we've just gone live on KS.

Pentopia is an original roleplaying game world set within a magical garden realm thriving beneath the boughs of the Tree of Life – a land of lush color, fantastic flora and exotic fauna where humanity utilizes the boons and blessings of the insect-like Progenitors to maintain nature’s equilibrium and combat the malignant evils gnawing at the sacred Tree’s roots.

It is inspired by mythology, folklore and nature, and features art by Ng Yong Hui - CGlas.

The Kickstarter includes an Art Book and RPG rulebook, which will contain new class options, feats, spells, NPCs, locations, adventure hooks and more.

Do check it out and we hope that you'll support us if like what you see.

Link here:

A new edition of Velvet Generation

I was surprised a couple months ago when they put the first edition on DriveThru for free. Starchildren Velvet Generation (2002). According to the Kickstarter, the new edition will also have new rules.

The Velvet Generation game I linked to 2 posts above has 14 hours to go. It just hit funding in the last few hours.

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