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LDDragon's musings

Go back, return, rewritten dreams
Whether sunlit rays or moonlight beams
I questioned if things are really as they seemed
Then gained some clarity

He enhanced my persistence, motives and intent
I remembered the mission on which I'd been sent
To gain clarity, make choices in these events
Record and explore virtual reality

Tes writes a story, spins a tale
Plays this game, makes campaigns for guests
More than a thousand times, he is willing to fail
To gain success and complete these quests

Rewritten fight, story continued
To take a slightlier friendly view
Let us make an alliance as we choose
For mutual benefit

Recognized the signs, it is a dream scene
Now to make decisions, information glean
What deal could we make, that would have us both keen
And have us at our best of wits?

Tes asks dream characters how to deal
In ways that have them all win big
Then brought those benefits into what is real
Through habits formed and insights that twig

Unexpected Allies

Middle of the night, I exercise
Count 2 minutes, stay aware
Record how long each time, the prize
Free VR games, arriving here

Elven trance, chronomantic dance
Oxygen from held breath work
Take every chance, to success enhance
Shine light on shadows where they lurked

Persistence strengthens, commitment deepens
Creative colours brightening
And where the doubts and fears were creepin
Address what had been frightening

Come out, I dare you, to the day
Come talk to me, let us converse
You deserve attention, have your say
Though I pushed thee away at first

Potential ally, past enemy
Give me the knowledge of your kind
When we meet in virtual reality
Tell me what is on your mind

Ugly truth or misspent youth
Mistakes I made own up to the fact
Thy words direct, criticising, uncouth
Emotion displayed, leading me to act

A hug, embrace, where before I'd spurned
So integrate golden, dark shadows
There are many things that I have learned
Great allies from what once were foes

Back to black, and starry sky
Dim cracks of lack of clarity fly
Rest my head in warm bed, drift to edge of sleep
Still set to see red if lucidity won't keep
Silver moon heralds soon to test plans and goals
Solid boons can attune, spanning hearts and souls
Gold light shining bright, dawn awakens, success?
Events of night, I will write, and on paper, address.

Rough times may chime to strengthen and grow
Smooth rhymes bringing dimes, entertaining in shows
Solid plans warm as heat fans, habitual actions invest
Passion expands, sunlight tans, daylight magnifies tests
Sweet victory I will see, taste the fruits of success
Summon bright virtual reality, now to me, I cannot do any less
Feel the heat in the beat of the thrumming of drums
Be elite, it is sweet, knowing destiny comes

Resonate with the great, as identity declare
Anticipate all my mates, in conversations so clear
Like a bell chiming well, laughter peals, the real deal
And tones fell to low swells, sonorous voices that appeal
Melodies holding keys to the best zest invested
Identities attuned to me, crescendoing as they're tested
Rhythm thrives, comes alive with the music of the night
Tempo jives, and revives passionate records when it's bright

Earn the learnings discerned if i fail
Quest for the best successful tales
Work with the perfect occurances here.
Explain what I'll gain while attaining good cheer
Music rocks and unlocks treasure boxes of loot.
Refining dreams signs make them mine when they suit.
Dance to enhance the chances of power
Chronomancing so I can grow within this hour

Spellsongs where I dwell to quell excuses
Beginning objections become wins with uses
At night moonlight bright August lucid dreams
Remember in September the embers of scenes
Fourth week, made sleek to tweak victories
Fifth August week assist me to blissful virtual realities
Twenty nineteen seen where I have been at the end
Twenty twenty will see me in habitual trends

I form with the storm make it normal to succeed
Turning time into rhymes that chime to target our needs
Will not quit but make habits with my wit to attain
Record fast many tasks so to bask in the gain
If my skills build the thrills then I think its worthwhile
Rehearsing in verse and conversing in style
Bizarre signs to star and on par with my standards
Identify decreed shall see how I brand it.

Select most effective like detective researching
Questions unlocking the clock, stocking up on what I sing
Invest in the testing, zest at its max
Persist through the twists with the gist coming back
Flex to the next, text records adapt
Keep in mind what I find are the signs of most apt
When I succeed, having decreed seeds of inevitable success
Then I know where I will go, no other way, I confess

Well what if I fail, stale, bailing at the end?
Then grit teeth, and seethe, beneath what I defend
Remember together to better decide
The work that can lurk, but also the strong perks that drive
Reasons why pride will fly when triumph grasped, is mine
Nothing can stop, drop or top when its our time to shine
Proving the groove will move to the beat
A system of rhythms, driven to make our victories sweet!

Precision decisions of visionary lifestyles
Built from willful thrills, ground up, going wild
Crystal clear what is there, then brought here to what's real
Each step kept adept centered in excitement we feel
How soon to gain boons and attune to this plan
Magnificently specific, prolific with the time spans
Invest in the best, filled with zest, vision shared
Among songs that belong to passionate people, right here!

I came across two people speaking
My interest sparked, nearly to peaking
They might hold the answers I am seeking
By silvered moonlight grace

So I listened to them, hopefully to learn
The magic of cool night sky earned
A place of power here discerned
And this is what took place:

"I seek the stars, the quite bizarre, and where we are is best
To explore more, of what lore is in store, and adventure there with zest
We hold the keys, the trees growing naturally, from seeded ground
Uniting different, magnificent and elegant, solutions to problems we'd found
We hold the bold and golden paths, of action passionately pursued
Losing excuses reduced and dropped, in light of transcendant truths
So journey fast past what had been masked, to see the grander tales
With you by my side, we ride and slide, into where adventure hails!"

Their companion replied, with elegant pride
A musical dance of words:
"With silver spun wings and fabulous things
I approve of what I just heard

So let us advance in this fantastic dance
Think of the parties we will attend
Now some friendly advice, cause I am feeling nice
When you sleep then stay lucid, my friend"

I watched them speak
And tweak
So sleek
To each other with mutual respect

Where would they go
Who knows?
It shows
That there is more here to inspect

The first then claimed: "My name of fame is Tes Elentai I say
Now Silverwing, I will bring your things to you, so that we may travel today
The two of us, must make no fuss, about illusions we see
Yet know within, how to win and spin, a dream to virtual reality
Keep our goals in mind, we will find we're aligned, in mutual support for achieving our aims
Spread the word of recognizing absurd things we have heard, and remember our names
We will travel better together, through different kinds of weather, and triumphant records we'll keep
Of the journeys we make, and take for all our sakes' in minds, within the hours of sleep"

"My friend we sing, our music brings
The joy of silvered night, golden day
We strike a chord, calligraphy dream records
I, Silverwing, will go with you, Tes Elentai

Let us fly, and walk, wander and talk
Under the cool, starry night sky
And when we have perceived, that our goals are achieved
We will learn how our efforts are best applied"

A goblin, leapt from mystery
Suddenly appearing, unknown history
What options then, to fight, or flee?
They elected to talk and share

The mischievous goblin illusions weaved
To capture attention that was perceived
And lure adventurers into being deceived
Forgetting their purpose here

"Such random terrain, again, now please explain this unicorn
A majesty of galaxies available in its horn
Talk about the rainbow stalk, its mohawk, there
Before a normal scene, yet between, it seemed to just appear!
What is more, a score of sorcerous traces
Race around the ground we have found in these spaces
I find it suspicious, auspicious, deliciously so
Do you not agree, happily, with me here, bro?"

Silverwing set to ponder, on the sight contained yonder
Regarding the magnificent beast
Brow furrowed in thought, almost grasped what he sought
But elusive, almost captured, released

Shook his head, "Must define, if this is a dream sign,
Let us approach this thing logically
Did it use magic, is this a dream? Are you here to join our team?
Are we asleep, or awake, or in virtual reality?

Fail, or succeed, tonight?
Use whatever does occur
Centered in perfection of silvered night
Beckoned by starry allure

Goblin illusionist tries to distract
But keep focused on the task
Persist, and just keep coming back
To the question that has been asked

To succeed in this goal, what will it take?
How am I achieving this?
How did we find the patterns that habits make
And use them to achieve our bliss?

What is your power, your unique contribution
To the overarching grander tale?
Your special talents, magnificent solutions
To succeed NOW where in the past may have failed?

And explore where others may not yet have sailed.

How did future me get this done?
What saw them through when times seemed rough?
Combining passionate work and fun,
Making persistence way more than enough

How did our future team achieve this goal?
What were our mottos, guiding lights?
That saw us impassioned, heart and soul
Through golden days and silvered nights

What if the light we shine today
Brightens the spark of joy and love
Enough to help someone who sways
In choosing to go below or above?

Celebrated differences and purpose grows
Transcending barriers to connect
What is it deeply, that we know
Of who we choose to be, when the mirror reflects?


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