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Cleared an early brawl win with Mechadin right out of the gate. Interested to see what people come up with for this one.

Seems a good idea. I tried a low cost mech based paladin. Will have to try again later. Ran into an odd paladin that curved into Dr Boom. Sigh.

I do like the concept of a few old sets and a few other sets. With no Classic, Basic.

Got the win and Classic pack. Vs a Warlock, not sure what their strategy was.
Galvanizer into Piloted Shredder into Zilliax. Etc.

Finally. Some adjustments to Rumble Run. (also some arena balancing)

Glad they are willing to adjust things. I wish they had done this sooner.
(I got my Complete Run, but it was not fun for me.)

1. let you pick your last shrine again, in case really want to keep trying with it
(will still offer shrine of boss that beat you last as they had been)
2. downgrade of some of worst bosses decks
(they say they have data on 'worst offenders' - bosses with 'biggest body counts'

Hunh. I guess I was just lucky to clear Rumble early on with Mage. Glad they are trying to make it more fun for all.

No reply after 13 hours to this that I posted in Hearthstone Play Mode Thread on Battle.net forums. On 2nd page now. Likely to be buried and never commented on. What do you all think?

I really dig how Jan'alai has a counter in parentheses of how much more damage to go or (ready). [And glows yellow when activated.] Could Dragon Caller Allana please, at the end of the card text, have a number in parentheses to show how many dragons would get summoned. Like (3). That would go up to (4) when you played another 5 cost Spell.

"Gnight Nedd."

1,500 Mage Ranked wins.
(Lost a handful in a row and dropped to 10 before getting last 2.)

Holy crap, congrats Cleric8092!

I've been feeling pretty burned out lately, haven't found a deck I really enjoy playing yet since the new set dropped. Went on a binge finishing all the single-player content, and Lich King with all 9 classes + Rumble really killed my enjoyment of the game.

Well done though!

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