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Troll's Bridge

Troll's Bridge

Just a collection of practice homebrew stuff that I want easily accessible, more than welcome to critique or offer advice. Going to throw some of this into Akatosh setting.

You're more than welcome to use any of this content in your campaign's- Just please don't be a douche and show me some love and credit.

Earthen Defender

How high can this class' AC get?

1) Base 10. Using two shields gives another +4. Stack on another +6 if both shields become +3 magic items.

2) They get +8 if in Plate Armor and another +3 if the armor becomes a +3 magic item.

3) Assuming "adjacent" includes immediate diagonal squares (and my god let's not consider using hex...) that's +8 if they are all shielded, otherwise +4.

4) +4 from a Cloak and a Ring of Protection, a Dusty Rose Ioun Stone, and the effect of a Rod of Alertness; and +2 from the effect of a Shield of Faith spell.

5) Total: 41 AC if "adjacent" does not include diagonals, 45 if it does.

EDIT: 6) If the adjacent allies are also Earthen Defenders, add yet another +4 if "adjacent" does not include diagonals or +8 if it does; for a grand total of 45 or 53 respectively.

EDIT2: I'm looking around but may well be blind. What are the limitations on stacking buffs in 5e again? Are there inbuilt limitations, even?

I haven't actually finished designing it yet so was going to hit level 20 then go back and get all crazy source on it. I think 41 SO far is correct though. Excellent notation on the ally earthen defenders (though how cheesy a party would that have to be?)

I believe there's heavy limitation in 5e. You can only attune to 3 magic items. What craziness can you hit with that? Genuine question as I need to know for future edits.

I think dropping the any armour to medium armour would help a lot. Also make more sense flavour wise with their movement based abilities.

Three attunements, got it. Well, the Rod of Attunement is the most useful of those items, alongside the Cloak of Protection (some lesser support magic rings don't need attunement), so those together with the armour are your three there.

Hmm, looking at the Monster Manual, even the greatest dragons don't get AC of more than 22, with To Hit modifiers of +17; and your average Lv20 pimped-out plate-and-shield fighter won't get an AC of above 30 at best on their own merit. That bit there is not really the problem. I think what's really pumping the AC up to ludicrous levels is the dual shield bonus and the adjacent ally bonus that come to a total of +9 - those are the biggies that need to be tweaked.

I would start with the Earthen Defender himself not getting a bonus for adjacent shielded allies, but provides it to them as normal. They may also use a variant of the Protection Fighting Style that fighters and paladins use: in addition to its normal effect, they add the AC of their shield to the benefactor of this ability, losing it themselves. All this comes under the bracket of "All As One".

I don't know about the dual shield bonus. Admittedly on the surface it doesn't seem too bad. Actually, it just occurred to me that the Earthen Defender ought to be better at defending than attacking (the whole name thing does imply it) and perhaps you could modify how much of an AC bonus from the second shield you can get at a couple of levels instead of an extra attack?

Your alternative thought of no armor - at least give the poor sods a bonus to AC equal to their Constitution modifier in that case, especially since they are drawing upon the elemental power of earth.

I like all of that, noted and will make some efforts. Thanks for your amazingly detailed input!

EDIT: Definitely meant to be a defender, hence all the options of aiding his allies- however is still a fighter so didn't want to remove all his extra attacks. Could perhaps remove one?

Edits made to As One, armor removed and added Obsidian Body.

Quite possibly finished the Earthen Defender. Any feedback welcome. Onto next class til some edits are requested!


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