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Fresh blood needed to round out party

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Fresh blood needed to round out party

Hands of the Iron Queen - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Hi all! I'm looking for one or two more characters to round out the party I have going for this game.

This is a homebrew world of my own design, and in the game forum is a trove of setting information and crunch, including prestige classes and house rules. Please familiarize yourself with the house rules and take a look at the PrCs to see if there's something you'd like to play. Only characters with well-realized backstories firmly grounded in this setting will be considered.

All the character creation guidelines are found in the forum, but in short:
- Starting level 6
- No races with a level adjustment (except for potentially nerfed +1 LA races to +0)
- Most published 3.5 sources allowed.

The group so far includes:
- a female glacier dwarf cleric of Aengrist (played by Xepteregicide)
- elf wizard (played by JustMe)
- a male human paladin of Aengrist (played by guitarist)

We're basically missing a skillmonkey. Wilderness/dungeon navigation abilities are desirable.

Game Description:

Queen Eisa of Scurdaeg has her hands full these days. Nicknamed the Iron Queen for her relentlessly lawful yet entirely fair and even-handed approach to governance, Eisa and her Royal Council are juggling several problems facing the prosperous city-state in the Frozen North region of the world of Akuroth.

First, the Snow Elves of the icy northern realm of Heleg'Nor, under leadership of recently crowned King Hessendar, are emerging after several millennia in an attempt to expand their territory and reclaim lost elven strongholds abandoned after millennia of war with Scurdaeg's imperial ancestor, the Drenheim Empire--from whose rulers Eisa and her forbears were descended--testing the tenuous peace treaty established between the two sovereignties' previous rulers.

Meanwhile, a barbarian warlord named Brynjar from the Western Seas has risen to power and begun a campaign of conquest and unification among the myriad barbarian tribes in a bid to resurrect the ancient Drenheim Empire, defeated 500 years ago after overreaching its power in a bid at world domination. This fledgling New Drenheim has already crossed swords with the elves of Heleg'Nor and is challenging Scurdaeg's status as the heirs of the Drenheim Empire.

With the three political powers of the north on the verge of open war, the gods of winter in the meantime are marshaling their own forces for a separate, more mysterious conflict revolving around a fractured ancient prophecy involving the twin deities of Hleid and Iborighu indicating a shift in power in the North.

As such, your band of adventurers--and many others--are being called on by the Iron Queen to step up for a number of missions that the harried Royal Army, Navy and Knights of the Iron Glacier are too busy to handle on their own. From investigating plots of conspiracy to uncovering long-lost secrets from the ruins of mysterious past civilizations, the fate of the North is in your hands.

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Originally Posted by SageBahamut View Post
Every time I apply for this game, it feels like it's not actually running. o.o;
@SageBahamut, now what does that mean?

Nevermind I found it.. Shadar-kai has an ECL of 3... Drow have a +2 but I really want to play a drow! lol I already have a level 4 drow cleric I could add levels too so I dont have to start from scratch lol

I think this is one of the fewer ones that I have not applied for Killer. Interesting. Might be able to but I uno.. Been tired lately. Is there a time you want a submission?

hmm, I love elf skill monkeys, seeing as how one of my GM's (for 2 games) has almost killed himself off, I might have to work on a concept

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