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BB code Forum tags?

BB code Forum tags?

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Hi! I've seen the recent post asking about BB codes which lead to This guide. I notice that there is a "thread" and "post" bb code. I was wondering whether or not there was a similar "forum" code? [forum=ID]Text[/forum]?

have you tried this? if it exists it isn't apparent in the existing guidelines but would be interesting.

Apologies for my slow reply in this. I was mostly just interested in including more links in my sig to games, without going over character limits. I thought that since there was code for post IDs and thread IDs that there might be something similar for forums. No worries, though.

Righto - posts/threads are extremely common targets for links. Forums, not so much... especially in the core forum software - having as many forums as we do is an extremely niche use case that they very much did not design for.

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