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Lost Continent

Lost Continent - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hey ya'll how about some survival D&D?

Application window open until...6/7/19


Game Description:

An all call has been made throughout the known lands. A ship that was thought lost at sea has miraculously returned.

The Captain, one Arman Devir, has limped the Wayfarer's Wind back into harbor into the western port of Gallist. He claims to have found a new land. A new continent, unsettled and unexplored by the Great Empire of Wariin. Beyond the Veil of Storms and another month at sea west.

Diviners of all sorts confirm the news. The Empress Ginessa has announced an expedition to the new lands to see what is there as the diviners can only see the barest of the jungle filled shoreline. In one week's time four of the greatest warships are going to venture out to try and make the shoreline.

[fieldset:Exporer's Wanted]
Wanted: Volunteers wanted. Explorers to act as scouts and cartographers for the Empress. All are welcome.

Apply at the Office of the Imperial Courts on or before the

I've not made a calendar, you have a week to prepare.

All are welcome, rewards based on success of mission. Can include: Gold, titles, or pardons.

You are ??? to be determined by you. Some sort of person who has a a reason to want to go on a possibly suicidal trip to an unknown land on behalf of the Empire of Wariin.

See the forum for character gen rules, expectations, and rules.

I've just started playing in my first Real Life 5e game two weeks ago; would you rather limit this to players with more experience with the system? And would just the PhB be enough?

Hey Greyen! It's been a longggggg time since the superhero days of old on the TangledWeb.

This looks cool, I'll peruse the game forum a bit while I think of an idea.

I'm pretty experienced with 5e, but I am brand new to PbP. I'd be interested in this though. I tend to play beefcake style characters, but I haven't formed anything specific yet and wouldn't mind exploring other roles.

You can apply like everyone else. Application window closes 6/7. Selection from completed apps will happen after that.

Well I'm not gonna get an app together. The premise is really cool, but I had trouble coming up with a good fit for a char. Looks like you've got plenty of interest though! Enjoy the game Greyen, see ya round the Weave!


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