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Mythical Adventures!

Sorcery & Sandals - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons (Original) + clones

Are you ready to...

Explore a land of high adventure!

Fight off barbarian hordes!

Battle deadly monsters!

Become one of the heroes of myth and legend!

Game Description:

Swords, Sorcery and Sandals!

Great pebble strewn deserts and seas of shifting sands dominate the Western Lands. The narrow band of arable land surrounding a vast fresh water lake provides almost all of the habitable land in the West. War, disaster, mythical beasts and vile magic challenge the brave souls that carve out a living upon its shores.

Sorcery and Sandals uses the 1976 Dungeons & Dragons box set rules plus content from Chain Mail, the three supplements, Strategic Reviews, and early Dragon Magazine articles. In the tradition of OD&D I have brought in a few house rules and shook everything up to create a game set in a fantasy bronze age based off of Greek and Roman myths and Italian Sword & Sandal movies with a fair helping of pulp Swords & Sorcery for added excitement.

The biggest change from 0e is the lack of character levels. Mythical heroes are great warriors at the beginning of their careers. The excitement of their stories come from overcoming even greater evil by digging down deep and finding victory from hopelessness.

This is not a story of hobbits, elves and dwarves but a tale of men, great heroes, the stuff of myth and legends. This is not a story about delving in dungeons and stealing gold from long forgotten vaults. The Poleis of the Vast Lake suffer under the rulership of wicked kings, the threat of vile monsters, the curses of corrupted magicians, and at times the jealousy of the Olympians. Heroes are needed to make the world a safer place.

As with all my games there will be a fair amount of combat. I like action, but my primary focus for this game will be the creation of the myths surrounding the heroes. In this vain I would like to see a couple good well thought out and descriptive posts a week. No one liners!

Here are all the rules you will need.
Here are some details about the land
Here are character creation instructions

B/X D&D - When you absolutely positively want to fantasy role play!
Mini Six - For everything else!
A Thread for Players of Older Editions of D&D and Clones
Jason and the Argonauts? Clash of the Titans (original 1981)? Yes, please!

Who could forget? haha

I always thought Bubo was silly but I was pretty excited that it was in the remake even if just to get mocked. Or maybe especially because it got mocked.

Quite possibly one of the scariest movie moments from my childhood.

Still pretty nasty looking, even after all these years. CGI can't quite capture the true creepiness of this image the way an actor sitting through four hours of makeup could.

I think makeup and stop motion stand the test of time better. CGI that was very good 20 years ago is junk now, but good stop motion and makeup are just as impressive as they were then.

One week left for applications. We currently have:

Crispus a Tibur shepherd Harpist
Conlan the Coward a Danaar Warrior
Ilomi a Thracian Gaianess of Hecate
Tarbus the Undying a Thracian Hunter
Verus a noble Tibur Warrior of possible Olympian blood.

this looks a lot of fun. submitting rolls now

Will be making a noble tibur priestess of Hera ( female character for once)

So the chart says I can have a max of six spells that is per level correct?

For the amount of spells daily which is the chart for this?

I am using Chain Mail’s casting system, rather than Vancian magic No spell limits per day. Yes that is per level.


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