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Skullgirls: The Shards

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Skullgirls: The Shards

Skullgirls: The Shards - Forum
Fight! RPG

It haunts your dreams at night...

A figure dressed in tattered robes walking an empty wasteland, stopping only to pick up a small black crystal off the ground...

A ragged looking young woman, a mask over her face, laying on the ground. Nails are driven into her body, and she's clutching at a black crystal in her hand...

A feline feral stands on a rooftop, wrapping her trench-coat tighter around her body. A man walks up to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. She holds a black crystal in one hand.

A woman stands at a lonely grave on a hill, setting a bouquet of flowers in front of the headstone. A small black crystal drops out of her pocket, landing on the grave, and when she reaches to take it, a white snake rises out of the earth to grab it.

These visions haunt your dreams. Each night you see more and more scenes like these, more and more people finding these crystals. The same one you found yourself.

The clues all point to New Meridian. The city's prominent landmarks are shown in more than enough dreams to tell you that. But what it all means is unclear. Until you get to the city and start searching for these other people holding the crystals, you fear you may never get any answers...

The future depends on your skill. It's showtime.

Game Description:

"It's been two years since the last attack. Two years since New Meridian was torn apart by the Skullgirl Marie and her rampage of revenge against the Medici crime family. Two years of rebuilding, and an attempted return to normalcy. Shakedowns, raids, gangs, all throughout the streets of the canopy kingdom. The Medicis keep pushing to try and take back their land, and the Egrets keep stomping them down, trying to put an end to the family for good. Minor players take their spot on the stage, then quickly vanish in the middle of their solo.

And through it all ASG labs keeps working, keeps training, hunting for that next spike in theonite. Keeps searching for that next Skullgirl, and when she'll appear. Just because the average is seven years doesn't mean it'll always be that way. Vigilance is key, after all. Gotta say, the kid's been getting pretty good. Might be getting close for this old gumshoe to finally hang up his hat and relax for a while...

At least, that was what I thought... Until we found that black theonite. Now I'm brass deep in a mystery the likes of which I've never seen before. And I can already tell.

Before everything gets better, it's all gonna go straight to hell..."

- Journal of Ben Birdland, found under an overpass outside New Meridian.

After reading the rules, I've decided not to put in an application for this game after all. The system is simply not to my liking: too "crunchy."


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