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Players of Older D&D and Clones

yea its AD&D 2nd edition.

Invite sent

I'd join a 1e or 2e game! Frankly I don't remember the difference it's been so long.

Also GreyJaeger I loved Birthright! I'd be interested in a Birthright/Adventure mixed campaign especially.

@Excior.. I would not mind giving it a go, if room is still available.

@Series.. I am still working on a couple of ideas. Birthright/Dark Sun/Greyhawk/ and even a Homebrew. I really need to post something in Planning and see what gets the more bites.

If anyone is interested, I'm getting ready to start an AD&D 2e game. It's a modified Forgotten Realms/Spelljammer setting. I'm still looking for 2 more players. Hoping to get this one started next week.

Those of you who posted that they would like to play I have sent you an invite please go to the boards and start to work on your PC and post your application post in the application thread. I will review completed sheets and your RP sample at once time as you finish. I Plan to open the game up to the rest of Myth tonight. and keep it open for about a week.

You can add me too, Wyvern. I have some experience as a player with AD&D 2e and OD&D

Also, PMs ok

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