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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. They 'save' everyone by eating them, thus denying pirate ninja vampires a food source.

I wish for a non-sentient operational Ford truck.

Granted. It's the new Ford Pinto 2014, and it's more of a deathtrap than the original one is. The rock of you sitting in the vehicle causes it to erupt into a ball of fire seen for miles.

I wish I had a delicious cookie.

Granted. The cookie is delicious, but only to those who live on the planet Vega III

I wish I could play every game on the Weave

granted, you now have no social life due to the demands of all the games. your always a few days (and counting) behind in your posts but your name is seen on the roster of every game. have fun

i wish the world was made of cheese, glorious cheese

Granted. It begins to rot after a few days and bacteria inherit the Earth, killing off every other species before dying themselves when they run out of their glorious cheese.

I wish I could think up amazingly original characacter concepts.

Granted. But 'original' very rarely means 'good'. And such is the case with yours. At best, you earn a fanbase of people who like to laugh at you. Something like Rocky Horror... but unlike you, I'm pretty sure they KNOW what they're doing is awful.

I wish to jump the shark.

Congratulations TanaNari, you've peaked You will never be as good as you once were, and everything from here on will only get worse. And it will gnaw at you. You used to be somebody, you used to be a contender. But now? You're nobody.

I wish I hadn't screwed the pooch

Granted, however, you still screwed every other small, furry animal.

I wish I could wish for a wish to wish a wish for the sake of wishing a wish.

granted. your wishing for a wish for the sake of wishing a wish made you wish you hadn't wished that wish for the paradox of the wish for the sake of wishing a wish ripped a whole in space time and you were sucked out of existence.... *a deep breath* the universe soon fallowed you as it was, eventually, sucked in too.

i wish governments were impossible to corrupt.

Granted. We live in a mechanically run totalitarian state where we have no rights. And a supercomputer enforces bare minimal subsistence living on all humanity.

But it's NOT corruptible.

I wish for humanity to rise up against their machine oppressors.


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