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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted, humanity returns to having a supremely corrupt government.

I wish I could fish a dish upon which rests a Danish fish.

Granted. However, the dish be smothered in nuclear waste. But the danish fish, is delicious.

I wish I could run any form of table top RPG and have a willing party for any of it.

Granted. But all the players keep trying to sexually assault your NPCs.

I wish for a gallon of dark matter.

Granted. It's located in Hell and Lucifer is protecting it. If you want your gallon of dark matter you must defeat him by yourself as a level 2 character.

I wish I always spoke like Bane.

Granted. Now all the DC heroes are convinced that you're Bane in disguise. They come after you in a way that's meant to be able to handle the crazy, space-motorcycle riding villain. However, you are not, in fact, Bane. You only sound like him. Their attempt does not go well for you.

I wish for some apple cider.

*cough cough* I mean... Ignore the person with limited comic experience *cough*

Let's try that again....

Granted. You now sound like Bane. However, to do so you must wear the mask. Getting it on is a long and arduous process and you are afterwards incapable of removing it. Or eating for that matter.

I still wish for some cider.

Uh. You got your villains confused. Bane's the one hopped up on 'roids who punches Batman a lot.

The space motorcycle dude is Lobo. Who was made only as a joke to make fun of people who think tough guy antiheroes are somehow cool instead of just retarded.

Granted, however, it had gone bad, and now you have a rare, mutated strain of salmonella with no known treatment.

I wish I could have chosen another threat for a first post

Granted, you could have ... but you don't.

I wish I could gain sustenance via photosynthesis without giving up being a human.

Granted but you do turn green, and end up a life as the jolly green giant.

I wish for a beer that taste great and is less filling.

Granted! It is non-alcoholic beer with little flavor and less color, and is not nearly as filling as anything else on the market. The genie informs you it is called "Water".

I wish I could invent something new and worthwhile.


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