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Doesn't work for anything over 5 Mana unfortunately, as it receives no discounts (not built into the card like arcane giant) and resets at the end of the turn.

Edit: woops need to refresh more

It could give a little extra gas so Miracle too now that I think of it.. Drop your Auctioneer, then a low mana spell (like Eviscerate), then your shadow version of that same spell.

I think it could reopen miracle malygos rogue. Might give just enough gas to getting that super buffed combo back.

oh, gotcha.

3rd time the charm for me on free arena runs. [Ended] at 7 wins, with the 1 freebie. 4 had been my prior best. Good mage deck.

Trump's new card finally announced.

The ultimate restock;
Ultimate Infestation
10 Mana druid spell
Draw 5 cards, deal 5 damage, gain 5 armor, summon a 5/5

Well, I still play Astral Druid in wild.. If you Astral and top deck this, pretty sure you just win.

EDIT: Let's see... Draw 4 cards with sprint is worth 7 mana, so drawing 5 has got to be worth 8 or 9.. Deal 5 damage is probably worth 3 mana (little worse than fireball which is 4 for 6 damage).. Summon a vanilla 5/5, probably 4.5 mana (little more than a Yeti).. Gain 5 armor is 1 mana (Warrior's Iron Hide).. So we're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 - 19 mana worth of effects for 1 card that costs 10 mana.. Seems like really good value..

Seems like a buffed 10 cost kazakas potion. Though no polymorph or area of effect dmg. Strong. But slow and not good vs wide board. Ya, crazy w Astral

I read on Battle.net, forums, that it seems packs are giving out better returns of late. They put in the no duplicate legendary change. And a handful of packs of late from me, seems to confirm it. More goldens, more Rares and epics. Whether glitch or better % distribution going forward, I'll take it

Some posts seem to indicate it's over now. If there was a glitch that's now over, they may not admit it. Unless they plan to try to allow those who missed out some compensation

No confirmation I found from blizzard. But many saying they had crazy good packs. Though perhaps not now, very lately today. Would make sense the no 3 of the same card in a pack, no duplicate legendary may have thrown off distribution rates.

Also, I got the Your Month in Hearthstone email and I liked it. Well done I posted on Battle.net feedback forums to day so. I had like a 72% win rate vs hunter with my shaman, jade. I thought I had done well vs em.

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