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I wish that I had enough money to get the Rastakhan Cardback during preorder. I hope they bring all of these limited ones back someday...

A lot of hunter. Aside from DK Rexxar, really enjoying the new post nerf meta with the below at Standard Rank 9. Golden DK Jaina is cool looking. Same for golden Lich King and Jana'lai. That I put back in after using Dragon Caller Allana for a while. Ans realizing waiting for Jan'alai to be active is like waiting for Allana. Except I think more effective. At least in this for me in a few games.

* Also jazzed to be in way, way less mage mirror matchups now that odd mage fervor has fizzled. And they are generally listed as just above Warrior in terms of Tiers of their decks.

You too my friend.

Played Topsy Turvy out of Priest (on their gift / crate) and got a quick Concede from foe in this Brawl.

(Also have double Silence, Crazed Alchemist, Scorp-o-matic, etc. Inner Fire, Divine Spirit...)

Rank 5 woot! (deck list several Posts above.) Some long games vs hunter. Some mid length vs aggro. Really enjoying post game meta of no shudderwok and less other mages.

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