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Hallucination Tavern Brawl. Not my favorite. But I do like that a win got a pack from current set, instead of Classic.

Got a golden Elemental Evocation. Hmmm... 0 cost, make the next elemental cost two less... Would be some games it would really, really help me vs aggro. But vs control - one less resource when cost rarely matters. But one for me to re-consider.

*I think if there was a strong mostly elementals mage aggro deck, it would be very good.

FINALLY beat Rumble Run this morning. Took too many tries, ended up winning with hunter and the "play a spell, put a secret in play" shrine. Had four copies of Oondasta in the deck by the end with multiples of Kathrena Winterwisp, that's really what did it.

Tavern brawl was a grind, but fortunately I won on the first try. Got Gral, the Shark in the pack which is cool...I guess? I'm not really a rogue player, nor do I think I'm smart enough to effectively use the card. Any thoughts?

Congrats! Ya, took me way too many tries as well. 160 bosses beat for one complete run.

Gral, I don't think is worth thr effort personally. Though I wouldn't dust unless you have something very specific in mind. Regiskillbin tried a Gral and only The Darkness as other minion deck. And I think lost like a dozen games in a row before having that combo work. ... to have it immediately silenced via a Spellbreaker or Ironbeak Owl or something. Good times.

I think I accidentally hit the Arena button. Had a free Arena run. Or maybe it just popped up automatically today. Picked Mage from 3 offered. Then Mulliganed into a Mage win 3 for 60g Quest.

Good luck on your Arena runs folks.

Glad that was a free Arena run. Got 30 dust and a new set pack. Went 0 and 3. Closest match was my last one. I got to face the Lich King several times. Lost last match - they played more than one Execute. And two of the baby dinos who's deathrattle puts the big momma dino (triceratops) into their deck. We both went down to our last cards after the excitement of Arena top deck land. Many other Constructed staples I got to face with my hodge podge of Pumpkin Farmer, etc I was offered. Tried to have low curve for a good start as well as value for long term. My one 7,14 ten cost offered and ... whatever wargen abomination 7 cost 6,6 deals 2 dmg to wounded minions. Were just way out classed. Being Mage and making good trades early helped, but fell far short.

@Rhythmless, yes!

The last couple sets have had dungeon run-style free to play solo adventures, some of them are quite fun. Not sure when the last time you played was exactly, but DON'T start with the latest, Rastakhan's Rumble. It's hard, almost to a not-fun extent at the later levels. The Kobolds, Witchwood & Boomsday stuff is all great fun though.

I JUST beat the Frozen Throne stuff (finally!) this morning. It was also frustratingly hard if full completion with all 9 classes is your goal, but fun enough if you just want to get through it to the end.

I agree. There is solo content. And Casual. (I give newbies wins most of the time when I play Casual. Some folks test decks or get their win quests done there.) And Ranked has Ranks 50 to 25 for newbies only. Many quests just need playing of X types of cards, not wins.

You will start with Mage. I'd recommend playing against computer (training, tutor) until you get all the Mage class cards. Reading up on some beginner guides. And not dusting / dis enchanting any cards as your first start going.

If you do Frozen Throne the 2nd time you face Lich King. You might try Priest first.

If you jump in, welcome aboard. This thread was what got me started back almost 3 years ago.

I remember that, Cleric. And look at you now!

The kiddos like to "have a Practice" and play against the Innkeeper. My oldest has tried some Witchwood runs. And even some Rastakhan Rumbles. I let her know those last are silly hard. And I only won with infinite Unstable Evolutions from spells cost 2 less shrine. But she still wanted / wants to try some for herself. Good times

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