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Paladin Totem for this weeks Brawl is OP!

5 damage to enemy every time they take damage. Plays so fast only a good opening draw or an aggro deck can really keep up.

A little salty since I've faced almost nothing but paladins in the brawl today so far.

It is, but it was hilarious to have a paladin/paladin mirror match. First card I played did one damage to the other pally and our totems proceeded to kill us both.


I'll be honest. I had UnInstalled HS (and Mtg:A) several weeks ago. In part frustration with mid type style viability in both. In part - time away / not focused on family / work. Will keep HS (and mtg:a) just on laptop at home. In part because out of space on cell phone for HS. In part to help it be more of - maybe one of them an evening and just some on weekends rather than near constant.

But started the ReInstall / Download after seeing this. I'm very glad for the Hall of Fame cards mentioned and for Standard Rotation coming up. Missed out on some good quests - but will get back to getting some gold. And likely being more of a budget - quests - just a bit of Standard player.

[I think I needed some weeks away to help Reset my play. I don't think I had missed a day for HS in about 3 years. Or just a few days.]


Ya. Regis kilbin said he's had a chance to play it. That if you didn't like the solo content before, unlikely to like it. But if you did like the solo content before. He is confident you will feel it is the best solo content released so far.

That is definitely promising. The solo content can sometimes get grind-ey, and I soured on the Dr. Boom puzzle fest long before finishing it, but I've mostly really enjoyed the solo stuff.

Ya, I got to where I just Googled the solutions after they got more complex than was fun / enjoyable for me.

Glad to have you back, Cleric8092!

I was feeling pretty ground down as well before the latest batch of changes, was sick to death of facing the same couple decks, was especially sick of seeing Deathstalker Rexxar & Frost Lich Jaina. Even worse that it felt like I had to use them myself to get anywhere. I think the February nerfs were good for the meta, shook things up, and I even fought my way up to rank 9 using a version of your mage deck.

Wow, Doomguard...didn't see that coming at all! Glad to see Baku & Genn get the boot as well, it will be really nice to see more "normal" decks again. Always glad for more single-player content! The Rumble at first had me really sour on the game, but after their fix I actually find it quite enjoyable and have played through it a few more times. I think they're learning, which is good. The puzzle quests were horrid after the first couple levels, just not fun, and I admit I looked up the answers to those as well.

Updates live. With reduced size I was able to ReInstall on my cell and have it fit (just barely).

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